Head of failing schools employed as schools inspector for Ofsted

As the other commenters on this story have remarked, this seems to be very much government practice. Massive failure is rewarded with lucrative government posts. Private Eye used to carry stories like this regularly in the 1990s, as one by one company directors, who had driven previously profitable and respected companies into the ground were given government and civil service jobs. Quite often these were, Derek Davies and the post of lead school inspector, in the very government bodies that were supposed to be regulating and supervising their companies. Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with finding suitable talent from the private sector, as the supporters of the policy claim. Rather, it’s all about cutting the powers and the activities of the government regulators to suit the interests of the corporations over which they preside. In which case, an incompetent in charge of two privately-run academy schools is an excellent choice for a leading inspector of schools from the Tory point of view, as he offers the least chance of raising any objections to their real aims of running schools down ready for their privatisation.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – believe it or not!)

Derek Davies is the executive principle of two failing privately-run academy schools rated inadequate in every single category by OFSTED the schools inspectorate.

But bizarrely, Derek Davies has been employed as a lead inspector of schools himself – employed by a private firm used by Ofsted called the CfBT Education Trust:

‘Anger and incredulity’ over Ofsted inspector in charge of two academies in special measures

I suppose there is a certain strange logic about putting a crap head teacher in charge of rooting out other crap head teachers……


By the way, could Mr Davies’ conflicts of interest be the reason his photograph has mysteriously disappeared from the failing academy’s website – lest people start to recognise him on his inspections:

richard rose david davies


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