One in the ear for Michael Gove

The news about this poem was also in the I newspaper today. It sums up the frustration and anger of much of the teaching profession towards Gove and the Conservative’s tinkering with state education, both for their own profit and from their absolute, profound ignorance of it and the working class schoolchildren they secretly despise.

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Here’s one for all beleaguered teachers across Britain – but it’s for their pupils as well.

I was pointed towards this by another blog (alittleecon – look it up). It was posted less than a week ago but has already won a huge following, including many teachers.

I’d like to ask for school pupils to take a look at it too. If you’ve ever spent time in class waiting for the bell to ring and wishing your teacher would stop bothering you because you just don’t care, listen to this and understand why.

If enough school-goers saw, and heard, and listened to this poem, it might completely change their attitude to teachers and teaching.

And if enough parents saw, and listened, and thought about what this poem says – about their own lives and the lives their children can expect thanks to the worst-ever British government, perhaps it might…

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