Techniques of neutralisation – a framework of prejudice

Kittysjones here presents a detail analysis of the rhetorical strategies and abuse of language the Coalition is using to deny public sympathy and solidarity to the disabled. The ‘techniques of neutralisation’ which they are using to turn the disabled into a threatening Other, are the same linguistic strategies that the Nazis used to marginalise and isolate the Jews and other peoples they considered to be subhuman, and justify their extermination. We need to be aware of this rhetoric in order to counter them and the prejudices they engender and play on.

Politics and Insights

Societies may enable or hinder disabled people through policies and attitudes. We have moved such a long way from the Labour era of “celebrating diversity and equality” and from a time of simply celebrating the achievements of disabled people. Now we can’t walk with our head up for fear of attack, or someone telling us we are faking our disability in some way. We are labelled the undeserving, This government have lied and lied to try and justify their punitive policies. Our lives have become the moral property of the government, public and wilfully ignorant, egocentric celebrities. We are no longer free to just be.
How did this happen in a so-called civilised liberal democracy?
Our own government have deliberately manufactured and perpetuated misconceptions about disabled people via their rhetoric, intentional, strategic lies and manipulated statistics.
The Tories have unforgivably cultivated and manipulated the very worst of the public’s…

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