Tory Democrats withdraw Bedroom Tax support – too little, too late?

This is indeed too little, too late, and its timing, as Mike says, suggests that it is intended to try to make the Lib Dems a bit more electable before next year’s general election. However, as Mike also states, the bedroom tax has been in effect for over a year. The Lib Dem conference condemned the bedroom tax, but the leadership ignored it. The Lib Dems also have a severe problem of credibility on this and just about every other issue concerning the Coalition’s austerity campaign. Despite their numerous protests to the contrary, they lied and have continued to lie ever since they first got into power, most notoriously about not raising tuition fees. They have continued to support Neoliberal economic policies that severely harm the poor, as well as the privatisation of the NHS. As the Angry Yorkshireman has also shown on his blog, they have also backed the Tories’ plans to set up a system of secret courts, while at the same time publicly denying they have done any such thing. They cannot be trusted and do not deserve the public’s vote.

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According to The Guardian, the Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron is set to withdraw his party’s support for the Bedroom Tax today (Wednesday), saying it has caused “huge social problems”.

It is too little, too late from the Party that Likes to Change its Mind – and one must question the timing. The newspaper states that “the Liberal Democrat conference agreed to review the bedroom tax” in September last year, but this is inaccurate; the conference passed a motion that official Liberal Democrat policy must be condemnation of the Bedroom Tax.

According to the newspaper: “In a speech that will distance the Lib Dems from the controversial tax, Farron condemns what he describes as attacks on the poorer members of society. ‘The onslaught of divisive rhetoric that demonises the poor can never help us to create a fairer society,’ he will tell the Centre for Social Justice

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One Response to “Tory Democrats withdraw Bedroom Tax support – too little, too late?”

  1. Joanna Says:

    A day too late for April fools! Are they seriously thinking that Anyone would ever touch them with a barge pole! They are deluded parasites!

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