The ‘Dunce of Downing Street’ can no longer rely on lies

Yet another case where the Tories have been caught lying to parliament. Usually the liar is IDS, whose underwear, if the old rhyme was true, would have combusted long ago. This time the offender is Cameron himself, who told parliament that Labour included the privatisation of the Royal Mail in their election manifesto. This is a government that is serially incapable of speaking the truth, led by a prime minister so crooked that, pace Hunter S. Thompson’s description of Nixon, he has to screw his pants on in the morning.

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For someone who was educated at Eton and Oxford, it seems strange that David Cameron never learns his lesson.

Today in Prime Minister’s Questions he got on the wrong side of an argument on the Coalition government’s botched sale of the Royal Mail and committed every MP’s cardinal offence: He knowingly lied to Parliament.

Ed Miliband had caught him out with a question about share prices, pointing out that Royal Mail shares had been sold far too cheaply. Referring to Cameron, he described the Prime Minister as “not so much the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, more the ‘Dunce of Downing Street’.

Cameron hotly denied that his government had bungled the sale, and in response to Miliband’s claim that nobody had wanted it, he told Parliament that Labour had planned to do the same. “It’s in their manifesto!” he ejaculated.

It isn’t.

I have a copy of Labour’s 2010 manifesto on…

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