Offering Nothing for Something – George Osborne speaks about benefits.

Benefit tales

Chancellor George Osborne has outlined tax changes and a tough new benefits regime for Britain’s unemployed.

His speech contains so much rubbish that I just don’t know where to start.

George Osbourne says about his changes to the benefit system “All of this is bringing back the principles that our welfare state was originally based on – something for something, not something for nothing.” What utter drivel is this?  The idea of our National Insurance system was as a INSURANCE system, you paid into it when you could and claimed from if it you needed. ‘Something for Nothing’? Most people on the dole have been in work, most people on invalidity benefits have worked and paid their National Insurance premiums for decades. What George Osbourne is bringing in is  ‘Nothing for Something’.  After years of insurance contributions, if people now need to claim they are being treated like criminals and…

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