Tory council wastes money on an umbrella-wrapping machine but cuts lollipop ladies

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case in which a council has massively cut back on services, while at the same time awarding themselves increased benefits. Private Eye in its ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column over the years has covered an almost endless stream of similar stories. The guilty councils often include not only Tories and Lib Dems, but also Labour. It’s another indication of the skewed, self-serving attitude prevalent across much of the political class, and the cynicism with which so many approach their position.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Conservative councillors in Tory-controlled Croydon council decided to spend over £140 million on a lavish new HQ for themselves.

No expense has been spared on their cosy new offices – the building comes complete with taps costing £272 each and a £410 umbrella-wrapping machine (I kid you not).

Mind you, at the same time, the council has been telling residents money is so tight that cuts will have to be made to services for the elderly, the disabled, people with mental health problems, youth programmes and children’s care programmes including the axing of school crossing patrols:

Croydon Council’s proposed cuts to hit borough’s most vulnerable

Glad to see Tories getting their priorities right again.


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Croydon Council spends £272 on one tap in £140m new HQ

Croydon Council spends £410 on umbrella-wrapping machine for new HQ

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One Response to “Tory council wastes money on an umbrella-wrapping machine but cuts lollipop ladies”

  1. peter Says:

    not to mention £140 million on a new office which they then filled with £5 million in furniture as the old stuff was deemed in some way unsuitable. It was only because of protest that they offered the old stuff to charity rather than send it to landfill which was the original idea

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