Iain Duncan Smith Should Be Put On Trial Over The Work Capability Assessment Deaths

There are some truly horrific statistics in this piece showing conclusively that the strain of the assessments administered by Atos is immensely harmful – sometimes to the point of causing suicide and self-harm. Private Eye pointed out a few years ago in connection with the case of one young woman, who tried to end her life after being assessed by Atos, that such assessments are explicitly forbidden by law where there is a danger that this will make a person’s mental health worse. The government and Atos clearly are either ignorant of this, or simply don’t care. I’m not a lawyer, but I think in this case there is a very good case for bringing charges of corporate negligence, perhaps even manslaughter, against the company.

I am extremely pessimistic, however, about how much good the inquiry will do. We’ve seen previous inquiries into the DWP by the Work and Pensions Committee take a very soft line with IDS. Mike over at Vox Political has expressed concern at the way the Commission has not taken on his partner’s account of her problems with the DWP as evidence, but will only circulate it as ‘background information’. This inquiry looks like it’s going to be another whitewash by the government, a token gesture to make it look like the government is concerned and doing something, when it actual fact it has no intention of making any more than cosmetic changes to the system. I hope I’m wrong, and look forward to the day when charges will be brought against Atos and IDS and some of the others responsible for this murderous policy.

the void

atos_kills_banner The tragic death of severely unwell Mark Wood, who died of malnutrition just five months after he was found ‘fit for work’ by Atos and the DWP, was not just ‘wrong’ as the Government have today admitted – it was grossly negligent.  Whether this negligence was criminal must be urgently investigated.

Morally, and almost certainly legally, the DWP have a duty of care when making decisions which can potentially devastate the lives of those called  ‘vulnerable adults’ by care professionals.  The Work Capability Assessment, which led to the death of Mark Wood, has already been found unfair for people with mental health conditions in the courts.  Instead of halting the assessments based on this judgement, Iain Duncan Smith has brushed it aside – convinced he knows better than the courts, the medical establishment and the thousands of sick and disabled people themselves driven to despair by the current system.


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One Response to “Iain Duncan Smith Should Be Put On Trial Over The Work Capability Assessment Deaths”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    yet another one looking in whot they done but the killing still goes on without much ado bend arm bend leg the fit to work yet more fail fall by the wayside while they inquire is it true of course they now its the name of their game kill us off before they are found out by that 99percent who sleep soundly while they do jeff3

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