Lobster’s Robin Ramsay: Scots and Welsh Nationalism Not Anti-English, Just Anti-City of London

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I found this comment about the non-racist, non-Fascist nature of Scots and Welsh nationalism by Robin Ramsay, the editor of the parapolitical magazine, Lobster, in his piece ‘Contamination, the Labour Party, Nationalism and the Blairites’ (Lobster 33, Summer 1997: 2-9) expressing his opinion that Scots and Welsh Nationalists are racists or even anti-English, but simply against the dominance of the City of London that has damaged their countries, along with the rest of England outside the metropolis.

At any rate, the British Left does not assume that qua nationalists, the Scots and Welsh Nationalists are racists and fascists; and never has, as far as I am aware. But it is my experience that this Welsh and Scots nationalism is not even anti-English. Scots and Welsh Nationalists don’t see the people in the North (or Midlands, or East of West) of England as their oppressor. Their oppressor is in London and the Home Counties – the English establishment, which at its core is the City of London, and what might be best described as the overseas lobby in Britain – the financial, political, administrative and cultural remnants of the British Empire.

Where this essay 9is going may now be apparent. For the financial interests of that overseas lobby in London and the Home Counties against which the Welsh and the Scots Nats are struggling, have all too frequently taken precedence over the interests of industrial, non-metropolitan England, as well as Scotland and Wales – most recently and most nakedly in the 1980s.

The rest of the article is an examination of the way the Labour Party in the 1980s turned to take its economic direction for the City of London, with the result that the City’s interests, and those of the overseas lobby, superseded that of domestic manufacturing, with the consequent devastation of British industry that followed.

Although much has changed in the 17 years since the article was written, it remains substantially true. The Scots SF authors, China Mieville and Ian M. Banks, stated in an interview that they voted Scots Nationalist, not because they really wanted independence, but because the Scots Nats had better welfare policies than Labour. One of the Left-wing bloggers and commenters on this blog, Jaypot, has stated that she supports Scots Nationalism because of the effects of Tory rule on her homeland and certainly not because she hates the English. Indeed, she has said several times that she hopes an independent Scotland would galvanise us in the south to throw them out. Unemployed in Tyne and Wear put up a piece on their blog describing Alex Salmond’s promise to the people of North-East England that he would develop trade relations with their region, including placing valuable manufacturing contracts with local companies, if Scotland became independent. Furthermore, the authors of Socialist Enterprise: Reclaiming the Economy, Diana Gilhespy, Ken Jones, Tony Manwaring, Henry Neuburger and Adam Sharples, have also pointed out that British domestic manufacturing has suffered from a lack of investment due to the orientation of the financial sector towards investing overseas, especially in the former colonies.

And the reaction this weekend of the Tory press to Wales’ campaign for better welfare and NHS services, rather than the austerity campaign, privatisation and misgovernment of the metropolitican Tory elite was a piece in the Daily Heil vilifying Wales. Mike ran a piece over at Vox Political pointing out how inaccurate the story was, and how it bore no relation to the Wales in which he lives. And we can expect such attacks to increase as more people in Scotland, Wales and the English regions begin considering that they might be better off without a government, whose sole aim is the enrichment of a very narrow, metropolitan elite.

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3 Responses to “Lobster’s Robin Ramsay: Scots and Welsh Nationalism Not Anti-English, Just Anti-City of London”

  1. oblomovIII Says:

    Good find. I like Robin’s work – really does try to consider a big picture and the full historical background, including influences that are often unmentioned.
    Imagine the picture if the Scots vote Yes, and subsequently make a success of it. Maybe the Welsh would want to follow, or perhaps the North of England would want to join an enlarged Scotland.

  2. pippakin Says:

    Reblogged this on Political Pip Spit or Swallow its up to You and commented:
    My experience has been that there is a great deal of anti English racism London has to be one of the most multi cultural cities on the planet and that includes the financial sector. I think its England we should be worried about they want Scotland to be independent more than the Scots want it.

  3. The Swans New Party Says:

    The great chance for socialism in England, is that Scottish independence will take around 40 Labour MPs from the party, and so Labour will have insufficient MPs to form a government in England ever again, against 300 Tory MPs.

    So as Ed Balls has confirmed that Labour will just follow Tory policies when in power, there is even less reason to bother with Labour.

    The Left Unity Party in Scotland might help by joining in with the Yes Campaign for Scottish independence, for referendum in Scotland 18 September.

    Somewhere Labour were called Red Conservatives. There is absolutely nothing Red about Labour. Labour is just trying to outdo UKIP, that are the ones taking their votes from the squeezed middle that were working class in their youth, up north.

    The Left Unity Party have their first national conference in Manchester this Saturday March 29, so hope to hear more from them after that. They are the sole hope of the working poor, disabled and chronic sick, to bring back the welfare state.

    The Greens did Austerity in the one council The Greens rule, Brighton, that is a poor town in its town boundaries of Brighton and Hove and area.

    But Left Unity Party told me they have no interest in pensioners or women losing state pension at 60 from 2013, that is our survival money for food and fuel.

    Sign petition on Pension Bill and even worse to come of the Flat Rate Pension from 2016 today, as tomorrow is too late, as the gagging law is ocming in soon that ends petitions:

    The Swans would be a dream team with Left Unity Party in government in London from 2015, to bring back the welfare state and yet pay off the national debt (as we did between 1945 and 1970):
    Only you can make the Swans a reality
    Now to Pay Off National Debt and Yet End Austerity and Welfare Reform:

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