‘We’re living in barbaric times.’ Charles’ story

Another example by Londonfoodbank of the people hit by the Coalition’s war on the poor and vulnerable. By this account, Charles is a man of great moral integrity – he has taken in three other, homeless men, whom he allows to sleep on his floor – who struggles to make ends meet because of the government’s limiting of expenditure on pensions. And like Londonfoodbank, I really can’t disagree with his assessment of the government as as a ‘mafiosi, lethal to democracy, imposing class warfare on the old, the vulnerable, the poor, and people with mental and physical illnesses’.

Ann McGauran

Charles at the Jerico Road project in Catford Charles at the Jerico Road project in Catford
Charles is a pensioner of 72 who must at times feel that he’s fallen off the edge of a world that he no longer recognises. He’s well spoken, very intelligent and has an air of dignity, despite the enormous challenges he faces in trying to exist from day to day. The world is chipping away at his soul and is bent on eroding his humanity, which despite all remains intact. I met him at the Jerico Road project, which feeds between 100 and 150 people in Catford, South London each Wednesday evening.

The project provides a safe space for the growing number of vulnerable people in this area within its thriving church (though you don’t have to be religious or Christian to benefit from what’s on offer). It gives advice on everything from homelessness, benefits, and getting back to work, as…

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