Bedroom tax – landlords ARE the lazy consensus and focus on the wrong deficits!

SPeye Joe in this piece argues for greater solidarity between social landlords and their tenants, showing that they will also benefit from appeals against the bedroom tax. He also suggests that social landlords could learn from the way workers in the Supported Housing sector get to know the tenants for whom they work. He also presents six points showing that social housing is actually an investment that saves money – £5 billion a year in Housing Benefit, which in turn saves the average taxpayer £170 per year. He concludes that at the moment, social housing landlords have little real group identity or solidarity. They are a collection of individual lalndlords, who meet for the occasional jamboree and see themselves as better than the private sector. For their to be real improvement, this situation needs to change, and the landlords need to get to know and develop their common interests in preserving the sector with their tenants.


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