Violent thugs with public school accents and connections to the very top of the Tory Party

Another example of one law for the rich, another for the poor. As for Mr Pride’s observation that not all violent thugs have working class accents and hooded tops, this has been true all down the ages. Some of the most violent street gangs in history were the children of the aristocracy looking for a bit of thuggish fun kicking the lower orders around, like the Mohocks in 17th century England or Les Rosbifs in 18th century France. Over a decade ago a friend of mine in London told me of a violent, outlaw biker gang that the cops had finally broken up and sent to prison. Instead of coming from dead end council estates, they were all stockbrokers and lawyers, I believe.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

This story isn’t new but I feel it needs more traction.

In 2007, two women were driving along an isolated country road when suddenly a car pulled up in front of them blocking their way.

Two men jumped out, ran to the women’s car and started breaking the windows. One of the thugs managed to steal a camera and car keys before one of the women managed to call the police and the men escaped.

The two men were caught the next day by the police.

However, despite being convicted, the violent thieves only received Conditional Discharges and a £350 fine.

Now in a civil case, the two women have finally been awarded compensation for their ordeal – albeit just £8,000 worth of it.

It took the women the best part of 7 years to finally get justice.

Both men are friends of…

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