Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn – from the Documentary ‘Sicko’

I found this clip of America’s Capped Crusader Michael Moore interviewing Tony Benn about the NHS on Youtube. It’s from Moore’s movie, Sicko, where he laid into America’s private health care system. Benn points out that it came from the experience of having no unemployment during the War. After the War, according to Benn, people began to wonder why there should be any unemployment in peace time either, when people could be employed building hospitals. Moore wonders that the NHS was built as far back as 1948, and expresses his admiration for the way the British all pulled together to build it. Benn states very clearly how popular the NHS is, to the point where even Thatcher had to say that it would be safe in the Tories’ hands. When Moore asks him what would have happened if Blair had tried to privatise it, Benn finishes for him by saying that ‘there would have been a revolution’.

As for the current growth in debt, Benn makes it clear that he believed it was part of a deliberate policy to keep people down. You do this by keeping them afraid and demoralised. He was convinced that there were people who did not want a happy, confident workforce, because happy, confident people cannot be kept in line.

As for democracy, Benn states that it is the most revolutionary concept, far more so than socialism or any other idea, because it means that those in power have to do what the people want.

Moore is a highly controversial film-maker, and some of what he says when interviewing opposing Right-wing politicians and celebrities is very carefully edited to present a false picture. Nevertheless, the overall point he makes are usually sound, even if sometime he can also be somewhat infuriating on particular issues that he knows little about. Here he’s absolutely correct, and it shows you why American Conservatives hate him with a passion. It also shows you what a brilliant politician we had and lost in Tony Benn. RIP, big man.

As for the privatisation of the NHS causing a revolution – it would, and that’s why it’s being done piecemeal. And there should be a great campaign of mass protests and demonstrations against it and the other attacks the Tories are perpetuating every day on the poor, the weak and the powerless. The Tories in privatising the NHS and attacking the poor and weak the Tories and Tory Democrats have shown that they do not deserve your vote, and should be forced out at the next election.

Here’s the video:


It’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LnY-jy_cE0 on Youtube.

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14 Responses to “Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn – from the Documentary ‘Sicko’”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

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    Reblogged as part of our continuing celebration of the life and philosophy of Tony Benn.

  2. sdbast Says:

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  3. Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn - from the D... Says:

    […] I found this clip of America's Capped Crusader Michael Moore interviewing Tony Benn about the NHS on Youtube. It's from Moore's movie, Sicko, where he laid into America's private health care system…  […]

  4. jaynel62 Says:

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    It matters Not whether you loathed Been r loved him – Forget that. This post shows precisely HOW the NHS is being sold. Please READ before you judge, its a Blinder!

  5. Steve grant Says:

    Tony Benn was a Maverick and always being rubbished in the Tory and Labour press but he and several others like him were the true politicians of the people. He didn’t need gimmicks or lies to keep the sheeple under control. He didn’t hate people for what they believed he engaged them in debate and won many friends.Just like Marx wrote a book and inspired a nation Tony Benn in his passing
    will inspire the young,the poor and those with no voice.

  6. jeffrey davies Says:

    well tony told the truth and that hes gone is a big sigh of relief from the tories hasthey now got little tories in labour

  7. A Gay Mentalist Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have to say I find it really difficult to keep up with developments in the NHS. Thankfully your post is to the point and doesn’t use too much technical language, which I have problems with. I will share this now on Facebook.

  8. richardbroomhall Says:

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  9. Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn – from the Documentary ‘Sicko’ | Beastrabban’s Weblog « this 'n that Says:

    […] Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn – from the Documentary ‘Sicko’ | Beastrabban’s Weblo…. […]

  10. padraigtracey Says:

    What law allows the government to sneakily take the NHS apart bit by bit so we don’t know what is happening? Will we wake up one morning and the last bit will be sold? I thought National Insurance was ring fenced for pensions and health, can it have my last thirty years back then please? I forgot they only count the last two years should you fall ill, shall is regret becoming disabled over a long period of time? No, life is too short but I will say we are run my lying, contract breaking, self serving idiots who do not even deserve to stand in the shadow of this great man.

    Please someone tell me how to reblog this on Facebook as I would like to get the great topics here spread wider. Thank you from a Luddite !

  11. marionfallon1961 Says:

    I’ll post it on Facebook, am a Luddite too, but recently worked out how to do this and keep posting on Norfolk Disabled People against the Cuts!!

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