Another Angry Voice Urges UKIP Voters to Go Green

Rail Nationalisation Green

The Angry Yorkshireman has posted up yet another excellent, provocative piece. Entitled ‘Why 73% of UKIP supporters should actually vote Green’, the Angry One from the county of great cricket shows that the majority of UKIP supporters would be far better off voting for the Green party than with UKIP. Why? As I believe the Angry Northerner has already pointed out, the rank and file UKIP supporters have economic views that are the direct opposite of those of the party’s leadership. 78 per cent of them want the energy companies renationalised and 73 per cent want the rail service renationalised, according to a Yougov poll.

UKIP’s leadership, on the other hand, are more in favour of privatisation and Neo-liberal economics than the Tories. In fact one blogger – possibly the Angry One again in a previous article – referred to their policies as the Tories on stilts. If UKIP gets into power, then it really will mean the complete privatisation of the last remnants of the NHS and the education system, and the destruction of whatever’s left of the welfare state. This is basically what you’d expect from a party, many of whose politicians defected from the Right-wing of the Tory party, and which is funded by Tory donors. And, it might be added, whose predecessors include the Referendum Party of the obscenely rich and sinister James Goldsmith.

Most UKIP supporters reject their economic views. They only vote UKIP because they want Britain out of Europe.

And, as the Yorkshireman shows, the Green Party shares their scepticism. The Party has been an opponent of the Eurozone because of the way it forces a single economic policy on very different countries with very different economies. They also support a referendum on Europe because of the ‘democratic deficit’ at the heart of the EU. Legislation comes from the Commissioners, for example. It cannot come from the EU parliament itself. He supplies a series of quotes from the Greens which amply show their opposition to the EU, its Neo-Liberal economic policies, and its authoritarian, anti-democratic legislative policies. These quotations include this statement:

“Whilst the Green Party is opposed to the objectives, structure and policies of the EU as currently constituted, as long as the U.K. remains a member of the EU the Green Party will stand in elections to the European Parliament and elected Green MEPs will work for fundamental reform of the EU from within.”

He therefore recommends anyone serious about opposing the EU and ending the dominance of Neo-liberal orthodoxy over the current political consensus should vote for the Greens in the coming European elections in May 2014. These elections are held according to proportional representation, so there are no wasted votes. It’ll also be an excellent way to punish the Lib-Dems. At the moment the Greens are behind them with 6 per cent of the vote to the EU, while the Lib Dems have 8 per cent. If the Left-wing majority within UKIP, or even a few of them, switch to Green, this could end and the Lib-Dems be kicked into fifth place. On the other hand, he warns that if more people vote UKIP instead, we’ll have one or two more UKIP MEPs, who’ll either defect to the Tories like Marta Andreassen, or get kicked out of the party for spewing sexist bilge like Godfrey Bloom.

The article’s at:

Go and read it. And if you want to send a clear message to the political class of Westminster that you are sick and fed up of Neo-Liberalism, and cannot see any point in voting Labour, then I would certainly recommend voting Green, or including the Green party as your second preference.

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20 Responses to “Another Angry Voice Urges UKIP Voters to Go Green”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

    Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Green or UKIP?
    If those were the only options available it would not even be a choice, would it? Green all the way for otherwise-UKIP voters.
    As a Labour member, I face the phenomenal task of persuading my ideologically-inhibited fellow party members Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, etcetera into understanding the concept of Socialism.

  2. Barry Davies Says:

    Why would somebody vote for a party that would destroy all industry and cover the countryside with those horrible windmills, and whose whole premise is based on dodgy science only accepted by governments to raise money.

    On one hand you have the rightwing conlablibdum Party then you have the centrist UKIP party, do you want more of the same a hippy party or common sense?

  3. Michael Keating Says:

    Barry, in what way are UKIP centrist? Both economically and socially they’re far to the right of even the Tories.

  4. Barry Davies Says:

    They are in no way far right that is just nonsense spread by the media who have their own agenda’s a bit like the morons who claim that UKIP is racist because the media says so, when in fact being a nationalist is not racist at all and wanting controlled immigration is not racist either, no one is calling SNP or the catalans or the basques racist because they want freedom to run their own nations but somehow UKIP are ?

    • jess Says:

      The SNP, PSAN, PNV had all explicitly rejected racism in their campaign for independence. UKIP members frequently espouse racist sentiments.

      It is disingenuous, at the very least, to try to cloak UKIP in their colours

      • Barry Davies Says:

        So you are calling all the ethnic members of UKIP racists then inclusive of the polish branch of ukip set up in the polish club in the north east of England. I find it more than disingenuous how holier than though pc types lie openly that wanting control of your nations borders is racist, and I’m sure that all of ukips non white members find your racist approach disgusting.

  5. G Jones Says:

    Actually Barry, the reason most of us refer to UKIP as “the racist party” is not because of the media agenda, but because of the rampant party racism. Wanting controlled immigration doesn’t make a racist, you’re right. But racism does, and UKIP is rife with it.

    • Barry Davies Says:

      I’m sure that all of the non white members of UKIP would have noticed it by now if it was racist if you are going to make posts that have no basis in reality please put the word fiction above your posts in future.

  6. A Gay Mentalist Says:

    It’s quite telling that the Green Party are way ahead of UKIP in Scottish polls, whereas in England that is the other way around. I could go on a rant about that, but i’m having quite a good day today so far, so I won’t, but nice post once again.

  7. Barry Davies Says:

    Actually G jones you refer to UKIP as a racist party to try to fool people into thinking that is the case, please show us the evidence that UKIP is rampant with racism, I could claim that about labour given Dianne Abbots blatant racism, but that doesn’t make it a racist party in your view. As a number of people in Scotland want independence from the UK but not the eussr that is hardly surprising although despite what the wee fat one says Scotland will not be in the eussr if they secede from the UK, which of course will push UKIP’s position further up the political imperatives.

    • jess Says:

      I would like to ask again, what is your source for associating the foundation of the Labour Party with the Bolshevik Revolution,?

    • jess Says:

      Since UKIP members think the party is too racist, it is fair to assume there is racism there

      “Robert Smith, a longstanding UKIP member from Falmouth and Camborne, was concerned about allegations of racism. The party needed to be on guard against attacks from the media, who “want to destroy us”. Racism was the issue that would destroy this party if we avoid and do not tackle it. “We must stand up for what we believe”, he concluded.

      “But UKIP was not racist, he assured the conference, several of whom have shown often enough that they are just that. UKIP must be the party of radical alternatives and free speech, he said. We firmly oppose racism, sectarianism and extremism of the left or right. We are the only party that has banned former BNP members.”

      To say nothing of UKIP’s links to the openly racist ‘League of Empire Loyalists….

      Who are you trying to kid?

    • Barry Davies Says:

      Which individual pretending to be a ukip member saying ukip is racist are you referring to Jess, the poles the Blacks the asians the chinese maybe? you shouldn’t believe the BS in the media about it being all middle class white men,then you wouldn’t make yourself look so ill informed. BTE searchlight is an extreme left wing wing body which consider the communist party to be to right wing. why do you claim links with the ex tory ex national front group, who have only ever fielded 3 candidates in their 60 year history, when there is no link whatsoever do you have to stoop so low in your your feeble attempts to smear a party you oppose?

      • jess Says:

        The individual you refer to as ;
        “pretending to be a ukip member saying ukip is racist ” is reported as having spoken at their conference.

        Presumably they would have needed some sort of ‘accreditation as a member’ to get in?

        As for this; ‘I take it you are not a socialist then Jess otherwise you wouldn’t be asking that question’

        Can you explain how a party formed in 1893, was ‘created’ by an event in 1917. ?

      • Barry Davies Says:

        The labour party itself doesn’t claim 1893 it had a conglomeration of parties in 1900 which created the labour representation committee which was basically the unions forming a body similar to the TUC. no labour candidate was fielded until after the first world war.

      • jess Says:

        Then presumably, Arthur Henderson, Kier Hardie et al are figments of the imaginations of Henry Pelling (Origins of the Labour Party), Max Beer (History of British Socialism) ; William Stewart ( J. Keir Hardie: A Biography),
        Chris Wrigley (Arthur Henderson 1990 )
        And David Howell (British Workers and the ILP)

        Which illustrates I might suggest, the veracity of your other offerings…….

      • Barry Davies Says:

        Posting links to wiki illustrates the veracity of your offerings as it is recognised as not being the fount of all knowledge and frequently lack factual information.

  8. Archibald Wildberry Says:

    Those who use the ‘racist’ smear merely demonstrate their desperation. It’s a useful way of avoiding awkward facts and deflects attention away from the fact that UKIP represents what an increasing number of ordinary folk feel about the EU, about career politicians who have never had a proper job in their lives and, I fear, about commentators like GJones, Michael Davies, and others. These no doubt have their own quite interesting agendas. It is easy to throw silly insults around but these don’t really impress. There are no facts to back them up – merely empty assertions that seek to demonise UKIP members and gratuitously attack all those who support the party. Why GJones, Michael Davies, etc would wish to characterise normal hard-working voters as racist bigots is beyond me and serves, as I say above, to emphasise their utter desperation.

  9. Myles Thomas Says:

    ( My Response to AAV Blog) Dear Angry Voice, I wasn’t going to bother responding to this pseudo intellectual drivel, but I thought rather than crushing your argument completely and wasting my time, I’d let UKIP’s 2015 MANIFESTO released in september do it for me. But I will mention a few things: If UKIP where so THATCHERITE, then why do they offer Direct Democracy, MP Callbacks, Abolishment of Inheritance tax and income tax on minimum wage, bringing energy prices down by 50% by scrapping inefficient and expensive wind turbines and using shale gas and other meathods as the US does, improving the NHS by cutting excess middle management and excessive foreign aid and increasing quality and quantity of active medical staff and their training, additional devolution of local powers to Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and the committee system in local councils. Also the flooding, dredging rivers is prevented by EU policy. These are just a few of the resons that make UKIP completely different from the political elite, and Thatcher. Your articule is biased, ill informed and repetitive, and is based on a mix of media bias, propaganda and out-dated irrelevant misinformation and misrepresentation of UKIP. They have ex Tory and Ex Labor Donors, they have members from various backgrounds in the real world, not career politicians who are entirely disconnected with the public. They have ex members of various parties, and they have mixed race, gender, age, background, sexuality and faith, and they are very open about that. Your supposed comments made by certain members are misrepresented and twisted versions of the truth (if not lies) and do not represent the party. What of the expenses scandal, the pedophile ring, among other things, the political elite share in these. And WHAT ABOUT the EU, and the majority of our laws they make and enforce on us, controlling every aspect of our lives? Every major party INCLUDING the Greens (not so major) love the EU and are pro EU! The promised referendum is empty and worthless after another 3 years of our Nations rights and powers being QMV’d away! A referendum has been promised and NOT delivered by the Tories several times, Labor offer none, the libdems are against it, and the Greens would campaign a stay in vote even if they could offer one! TheEU is weakening the UK, railroading it toward the Euro, and our people are starting down the path of austerity and suffering and death that has torn apart countries like Greece because of the EU and the Euro. No amount of supposed negotiating will change this, our powers are handed over in secret, immigration is none negotiable, and open door, uncontrolled is dragging down wages, increasing unemployment, hostility, cultural devide, crime rates, saturating the population, forcing over development of housing, and straining public services such as the NHS to breaking point. European Human Rights in the Grand Court of Strasbourg has supreme control over our legal system. The Job loss of leaving the EU is a myth, they rely on us for over 5 million jobs, they won’t be threatening ours, they rely heavily on us for trade, far more than the opposite, the city of London deals with far more currency conversion than EU banks comparatively, and we have the freedom to join the EU trade union under negotiated terms while not being a member of the EU! We would have world trade deals without EU levy, attend the WTO, and globalize successfully, without losing major EU trade benefits! The TTIP and Financial Transaction Tax are EU Directives that will be forced on us eventually as a member state unless we LEAVE the EU! Negotiating powers back etc is a joke, and liblabcon AND green are PRO EU even Knowing all this! They are traitors, and harbor extreme elements within them, such as allowing our Country to be taken over almost completely by Brussels and Strasbourg WITHOUT PUBIC CONSENT! HOWS THAT FOR EXREME? UKIP ARE THE ONLY PARTY Fighting these things, and offering the positive policies mentioned, and they are NOT an alternative, they are the ONLY other real choice other than EU Dictatorship! And if the things I’ve mentioned that UKIP stand for are Fascist, racist or extreme, then I Guess I am Too, along with All the millions of their supporters, and anyone else with common sense. By the way, how much are the Greens/Labour/Tories/LibDems/EU paying you?Or are you just a Deluded pseudo intellectual Ignoramus? If you care at all about TheUK and it’s people, wake up, do real research, learn the truthfor yourself, watch Mr Farage win the Leader Debates for the GE 2015 when they happen, and read the UKIP manifesto in September this year. Then when you know I’m right, Vote UKIP, because they WILL be the Stars of 2015 GE.

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