Boost to north England economy as Osborne pledges to reduce duty on whippets

Although this is satire, I have a horrible feeling this is very much how the Tories see the North. And it may as well form part of their plan to appeal to the voters oop North as well. After all, it’s not any more ridiculous than sending Jacob Rees-Mogge, the pukka Eton educated son of William Rees-Mogge, to walk around Yorkshire asking people why no-one votes Conservative there. Hint – it might, just might, have something to do with the way they devastated the entire region’s economy and then had the Sun boast about it. But that’s just my guess.

Pride's Purge


In his budget announced yesterday, the Chancellor George Osborne has made a big step to improving low growth levels in northern areas of Britain by reducing taxes on whippets and pigeons.

Working class northerners will now be able to invest up to £500,000 tax free in miniature racing dogs until at least 2015 as the Chancellor bowed to pressure from the doggy lobby.

The chancellor also hiked the annual pigeon investment allowance to £250,000 in a bid to tackle chronic under-investment in UK pigeon keeping.

However, in a statement, a treasury spokesperson denied Mr Osborne was patronising northern and working class voters:

In times of austerity, the chancellor understands very well how grim it must be to live up north. That’s why this government is doing everything it can to help hard-working people who after a hard-day down the mine, like nothing better than to relax in…

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One Response to “Boost to north England economy as Osborne pledges to reduce duty on whippets”

  1. The Swans New Party Says:

    Sorry caught someone else’s profile here for entry. Please delete this post please. I wanted under my profile.

    Fine. Tax free pigeon and whippet keeping for all pensioners north of London. Including proper aviaries, dovecotes for pigeons. Heated kennels and little coats when going for walkies.

    … etc
    Opposite these and guaranteeing the end of Austerity and Welfare Reform, but being the only party offering anything to people over 60 who have lost state pension, benefits, jobs, disabled, chronic sick – a new party only you can bring into reality –
    The Swans new party

    Only government can save your life.

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