Why make a fuss over childcare subsidy for the very rich?

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[Image: BBC] [Image: BBC]

If ever there was a government guilty of false advertising, it is the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition.

Yesterday the TV news was full of a childcare subsidy scheme that, we are told, is worth up to £2,000 per family.

The only problem: You have to be paying £10,000 or more to get the full amount as only 20 per cent of the care cost is refunded.

The subsidy is available to working parents – not only poor working parents who need the help, but to any couple whose aggregate earnings are anything up to £300,000 per year.

How many of your friends (who are parents) earn that much?

How many of them spend £10,000 a year on childcare? For most of the families I know, that amount would make it their greatest expense – around one-third of their total income.

The impression I get is that most people have…

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