Labour leads Tories by 17% – new poll shows Labour the party of hard workers

This shows that rather more hard-working people actually see Labour as their party than the Tories. They, however, remain what they have always been – the party of the idle rich.

Pride's Purge

(not satire!)

An unusual new poll by polling company Survation – which includes only people who are in employment – shows Labour with a 17% lead over the Tories.

44% of people in full or part-time employment said Labour were the party for hard-working people as opposed to just 27% for the Conservatives.

And 73% of UK workers said they have seen their wages fall over the last two years:

The Budget 2014 – For Hardworking People?

The Tories the party of hard-working people?

Nope. Think again Osborne.


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