Janine, the magic of MST, and the myth of easy-to-get food bank vouchers

Another excellent piece setting the record straight about the reality of food banks and the people who use them. The Panorama documentary the other week about food banks also did its best to skewer this myth, that the increase in their use is due to wider knowledge. It’s just another piece of deliberate falsehood by the Tories to try and persuade the public that really, wealth and prosperity is within reach of all, there are no people starving in Britain today, and if there is, it’s all due to personal failure. A convenient lie by the complacent middle and upper classes to smoothly stifle any feeble stirrings of their consciences. It is heartening, however, that ‘Janine’ has been helped by the MST programme, and this may offer hope to other single parents in a similar situation.

Ann McGauran

The new lie in circulation is that people are heading to food banks in vastly increasing numbers simply because they’re now aware that food banks exist. Was it Chancellor George Osborne who got this myth up and running earlier in 2013, when he suggested food bank use had gone up, ‘because people have been made aware of the food bank service through jobcentres’? The insulting implication being that a bunch of layabout chancers are flooding through the doors of food banks in search of freebies that ‘hard-working people’ would never dream of taking.

It’s been emphasised already, and it was good to see this addressed in the first episode of Famous, Rich and Hungry, but the message hasn’t quite got through yet: Getting a food bank voucher is anything but easy. If you want to use a Trussell Trust food bank, you need to be referred by the jobcentre…

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2 Responses to “Janine, the magic of MST, and the myth of easy-to-get food bank vouchers”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    yes following usa feeding first then the cut off go find it yourself

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for the link, ,Jeffrey. Unfortunately this country always seems to follow the worst of the American system, never its best.

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