Iain Duncan Smith book – “Everything I Know About Poverty”

Another bit of satire that shows up the grim reality just a little bit more.


Back in the day, there was an LP released – “The Wit & Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan”, which consisted of a completely blank disc…and is nevertheless said to have sold 30,000 copies !

I guess it was only a matter of time before the idea came around again, with the  loathsome IDS  as the target. And this time its a book, not a record.

Available on Amazon, the description reads –

Over 90 blank pages of IDS’s wisdom on the subject of poverty. Individual empty chapters have amusing headings, such as “Making £53 per week work” and “Food banks explained“. The pages are neatly lined for use as a notebook. This book proves that there is absolutely nothing in the mind of Iain Duncan Smith, that can be disputed, where poverty is concerned. Nothing at all.


A reviewer has taken the ball and run with…

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3 Responses to “Iain Duncan Smith book – “Everything I Know About Poverty””

  1. joanna Says:

    I hope it is free? it wouldn’t be worth buying, empty pages notwithstanding.

  2. beastrabban Says:

    I doubt very much that it’s free. It’s a novelty item, for people who like records such as the Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan (former American president and fan of Maggie. Not known for his intelligence) and The Best of Marcel Marceau (French mime artist). Both of these were blank discs.

  3. dave Says:

    bet its full of SH*T!!

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