The commercialisation and undemocratising of the NHS: the commodification of patients

This is immensely important, as it shows the commercial interests behind the government’s campaign to make untested drugs available to patients on the NHS. This was what was being celebrated yesterday as a big victory for desperately ill people denied potentially valuable medicine through the regulatory bureaucracy. The real truth is that the pharmaceutical companies see the regulators as an obstruction to maximising profits. I wonder just how long we will have to wait before one of the patients – or their families – who have been killed rather than cured through an experimental drug – tries to sue the drug companies. It further shows the commodification of human life and the human body for medical research under the government. Hunt has sold confidential NHS medical records. Blair began the process by selling donated blood. Moreover, the government is forcing the unemployed to find work as experimental subjects for drug companies. It is not a remotely far step from that to the medical experimentation on political prisoners, and the consequent attitude towards them as ‘stock’ shown in the film ‘V for Vendetta’, based on the comic strip and graphic novel by Alan Moore.

Politics and Insights

Last September, I wrote an article entitledJobseekers are being coerced into experimental drug trials dressed up as “job opportunities” .
I reported that David Cameron had announced that it was: “simply a waste to have a health service like the NHS and not use the data it generatedLet me be clear, this does not threaten privacy”, he reassured us, “it doesn’t mean anyone can look at your health records, but it does mean using anonymous data to make new medical breakthroughs”.
Cameron often inadvertently signposts the coming of a diabolical lie with the phrase “let me be clear”, as we know. We also know that so-called anonymisation of data offers no protection at all to identities and personal details. Campaigners described the plan as an”unprecedented threat” to confidentiality, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says, rather worryingly, that it will be a boon to research.


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4 Responses to “The commercialisation and undemocratising of the NHS: the commodification of patients”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    we are just cattle ids sais so until that 99percent wake up to thefact they being sold down the river

  2. kittysjones Says:

    It wasn’t Blair that privatised blood products, it was the Tories, Blair actually unprivatised the blood services,because of the HIV and Hep infections that happened under Thatcher and especially Major.

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