Tony Benn is at rest; he was an example to those of us who remain

Tony Benn will be sorely missed. He was a great orator, and a man of great principle and integrity. He backed the Black workers in their campaign to overturn the colour bar in the bus company. The headquarters of the Unite The Union, formerly the Transport and General Workers Union building on Victoria Street in Bristol is named ‘Tony Benn’ house after him. He was a much loved and respected constituency MP. Only time will tell whether there will be people with the intelligence, ability and integrity to step into his views, or whether we are doomed to a generation of political dwarves and time-servers, whose only skill is to repeat the soundbites their PR advisors have written for them.

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benndemocracy [Image: Gabriele Kreichgauer] This morning we awoke to learn that one of our best has passed on – Tony Benn.

According to his family, the 88-year-old Labour Party legend died peacefully early this morning (March 14) at his west London home, surrounded by his family. He had been ill for more than a month.

I do not propose to eulogise over him. I have already written about the effect Mr Benn had on my own development in a previous article and see no reason to rehash that.

I will say this: The loss of this inspirational man – who was truly a “signpost” for us all and never a “weathercock” (to adapt a comparison he used to make) – means that left-wing politics has lost one of its strongest voices.

He showed us a way forward – with clarity, humour and optimism.

Nobody can replace him.

The greatest tribute to Tony…

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