Coalition cut councillor pensions by £7m – but raise MPs’ pensions by £20m

There were warnings as long ago as the 1980s that the Tories were going to make it difficult for those without a private income – in other words, the rest of us commoners – to take up politics. The philosopher and Right-wing polemicist, Roger Scruton, in one of his books written during Thatcher’s reign declared that it was ‘deplorable’ that MPs no longer came from a class that had no need to rely on the state for payment – in other words, that they weren’t leisured Tory aristos. And remember that one of Cameron’s fellow old Etonians has said that he believes he absolutely has a right to rule because of his background. The Tories originally were the party of the aristocracy, and in one election at the very beginning of the last century – the 20th – one of the Tory grandees standing managed to lose support to the Liberals after he declared that all great civilisations were based on aristocracy. Cameron has the same attitude. Also, this shows that despite all the Tory ranting about ‘localism’, he really doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the country’s local representatives.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s ConDemNation!)

Local government minister Brandon Lewis has decided to cut local councillors’ state pensions in a bid to save £7m:

Scrapping councillor pensions ‘a kick in the teeth’

But the decision comes just 8 months after changes to MPs’ state pensions – which will eventually cost the taxpayer an estimated £10m – £20m:

Don’t let MPs hide cost of pension ‘cut’

Of course – ensuring local councils are only run by people who can afford a private pension will make it much harder for working class people to serve their local communities as elected representatives.

With the Tories  – and especially the Lib Dems – facing a devastating few years of disastrous local election results, the coalition have obviously decided there’s more than one way to win local elections.


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One Response to “Coalition cut councillor pensions by £7m – but raise MPs’ pensions by £20m”

  1. annak53 Says:

    The Tories are hypocrites and don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

    MP’s also received 10 years transitional protection against the changes to their pension scheme whilst we mere mortals received as little as 18 months notice of the changes to the State Pension Law.

    They really believe they are a law unto themselves. People must stand united and express their disapproval against the Tories governance.

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