Cameron’s Class Background, Prejudices and Osborne’s ‘Workers’ Budget’


This morning the lead story in the i was that Cameron had been told by the Tories that he had to stop the gap between North and South widening any further. Further to this story, Osborne had been preparing a ‘Worker’s Budget’ for next week. Quite how far Cameron is from anyone, who could remotely be described as working class is explained in detail in Owen Jones’ Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class (London: Verso 2012).

Cameron’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all stockbrokers. His primary school was Heatherdown Preparatory School in Berkshire, whose old schoolboys include Princes Andrew and Edward. When he was eleven he flew across the Atlantic with a group of his school chums to go to the birthday party of Peter Getty, the grandson of the oil billionaire, John Paul Getty. He was, of course, like all good snobs, educated at Eton. Before he went to university, he worked as a researcher for the Tory MP Tim Rathbone, who was his godfather. A few months after this, his father arranged for him to work in Hong Kong for a multinational. Apart from his Oxford and the Bullingdon Club, he managed to get a job at Conservative Central Office following a telephone call from Buck House. When that came to an end a few years later, his girlfriend’s mother, Annabel Astor, suggested to the chairman of Carlton Television, Michael Green, that he should hire him. Which he duly did. So elevated and far from the world of us plebs is Cameron, that he described his wife’s education as ‘highly unconventional’ because she went to a day school.

Other Tory colleagues have stated that he’s an unrepentant social elitist. One of his old schoolmates is supposed to have said ‘I think there’s something very unconservative about believing that because of who you are, you are the right person to run the country. It’s the natural establishment which believes in power for power’s sake, the return of people who think they have a right to rule.’

Another Old Etonian described Cameron as ‘a strange product of my generation … He seems to represent a continuation of, or perhaps regression to, noblesse oblige Toryism. Do we really want to be ruled by Arthurian knights again?’

And naturally, Cameron has surrounded himself with ministers from the same elevated social class. 23 out of 29 of his first cabinet ministers were millionaires. 59 per cent of them went to a private school, and only 3 per cent actually went to a comprehensive.

Even Boris Johnson’s sister, who edited the Lady, is fed up of the very narrow class basis of his cabinet. She told Jones before the 2010 General Election about probably composition of his administration: ‘the prospect is Old Etonians bankrolled by stockbrokers … It’s back to the days of Macmillan and Eden.’

So this a government of toffs, led by an extremely rich toff, even by toff standards, who believes he has an automatic right to rule, simply because he is a toff. And his fellow toff, Gideon, sorry, George Osborne, will next week, according to the I, launch a ‘worker’s budget’. The whole idea is a joke. Unfortunately, as the 38,000 people or so, who may have died under Cameron’s welfare reforms, it’s a killer. And that ain’t no laughing matter.

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14 Responses to “Cameron’s Class Background, Prejudices and Osborne’s ‘Workers’ Budget’”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

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    The last paragraph of this should be required reading for anyone earning less than £100,000 a year who’s thinking of voting Conservative.

  2. Nick Says:

    Well articulated and spot on’ David Cameron is as you say very far removed from normal and that’s why the rest of the world don’t care for him that much and find dealings with him difficult as his demeanour is always of my way or no way

    His has not grasped the very fact that many have died through welfare reform and have had their lives cut short prematurely’ all he wants to understand is that’s he’s helped a few back in to work’ i myself am very unclear on that logic if there is one ?

  3. amnesiaclinic Says:

    I think it is a return to neofeudalism. They really do see themselves as having not just the right to rule us but the right to everything including not having to share anything with the serfs, or as Henry Kissinger calls us “useless eaters” so who cares if some die? All the more for them and they see themselves as really deserving it all.
    I think it is very hard for normal, kind, empathic, compassionate people who really believe in justice and fairness to realize just how selfish and cruel they are.
    The good signs are that there are many whistle blowers coming forward who are sickened by the blatant corruption and nepotism.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think you’re absolutely right on this point. As for the inability for decent people to realise how cruel and nasty they really are, I can remember reading a piece in Lobster years ago, where the writer said that a friend of his had attended a very high level meeting of international financiers and bankers. The piece’s author asked his friend what they were like. the reply? ‘Worse than you can possibly imagine’. And they’re ruling us. God help us!

      • Martha Tulip Says:

        don’t worry, we’ve always got the supportive, kind, benevolent, understanding, socially constructive labour party to replace them

  4. joanna Says:

    Hi I need to ask you a question, today a friend said that this government could have been labour/lib dems, but that labour refused to work with the libdems.
    I refused to believe this, but I usually end up totally wrong and looking like a fool. Please could you let me know because I am finding this pretty disturbing!

    • beastrabban Says:

      From what I understand, the Tories did get more votes than Labour at the election. The Liberals also approached the Labour party over the possibility of forming a coalition, but made it a condition that they would only do so if Gordon Brown was no longer prime minister. Brown refused, and the proposal fell through with Liberals leaving to form a coalition with the Tories instead. Hence Private Eye’s editor, Ian Hislop, contemptuously referred to Gordon Brown on Have I Got News For You as ‘Mr Limpet’, because he clung on to power.

      It’s not quite a case of Labour refusing to work with the Lib Dems, It’s more a case of Brown’s obstinate refusal to give up power alienating them. I also wonder how serious the Lib Dems were about the proposal. Since Charles Kennedy was their leader, the Lib Dems have moved very far to the Right, to the point where a friend of mine believes that the ‘Orange Book’ faction are now more Right-wing than the Tories. As coalition partners, they’ve done precious little to alter or block Tory legislation against the poor. In fact, despite their bluster to the contrary, they seem to have enthusiastically supported it. So it’s possible that the Tories are the preferred coalition partners for them, despite their earlier negotiations with Labour.

      • joanna Says:

        Thank you, it seems to that we were both right in a way, but as she has a huge ego and is very patronising to an extreme, I am not going to tell her.
        She was born in Germany and was one of the few German people who got through the war without it touching her families life, though that could be denial and although she was born in 1935, now she is on the fence about the Nazi party. I am happy to half right but she don’t have to know, in fact I am never going to contact her again, mainly because I am disgusted with her views and she is very controlling.

        sorry for babbling again

  5. jaynel62 Says:

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    A MUST read outlining Cameron’s psyche

  6. chunkyfunkymunky Says:

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  7. vomsters Says:

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