Shhh! Don’t tell MI5 but here’s a Russian spy with his ‘good friend’ Boris Johnson

90 years or so ago MI5 forged the notorious ‘Zinoviev letter’ on behalf of the Conservative Party to stop Labour winning the general election. The letter purported to come from Zinoviev, the head of the Soviet international Communist organisation, and supposedly showed that Labour was planning to turn Britain into a Communist state on behalf of the Kremlin. This wasn’t the last time the Tories pulled the trick of trying to spread ‘Red Scares’ about Labour. They enthusiastically did it in the ’80s under Margaret Thatcher, when newspapers like the Sun issued lists of allegedly pro-Communist Labour politicians. Now, however, the Cold War is over, and so Boris Johnson is quite happy to be seen with Russian spies and friends and associates of Putin. Well, the Tories have shown themselves very happy to establish close links with any dictator or authoritarian ruler, so long as they’re not Commies. And even there, Khruschev when he visited the West during his campaign to spread détente, he got on far better with the Tories than Labour. ‘If I was an Englishman’, said the man who banged his shoe at the UN, ‘I would be a Conservative’. As for BoJo , he always did have a very dubious taste in friends. There’s a piece in his book, ‘Have I Got Views For You’, where he raves about Berlusconi, Italy’s corrupt and libidinous former PM, President, and general panjandrum.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Further to revelations that Cameron’s Tory Party is trying desperately to hide its extremely close relations to Putin’s United Russia Party…..

Tories desperately try to hide their close links to Putin and his United Russia Party

…. here’s a photo Boris Johnson won’t want you to see:

Boris with Russian spy

Sergey Nalobin – on the left – is a pro-Putin Russian intelligence agent based at the Russian embassy in London who was exposed as the main agent charged with forging contacts with leading UK politicians.

Sergey’s ‘good friend’ on the right is apparently quite an important figure in the Tory Party.

Shhh! Whatever you do – don’t tell MI5!


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9 Responses to “Shhh! Don’t tell MI5 but here’s a Russian spy with his ‘good friend’ Boris Johnson”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hiya sorry to be completely of topic but did you know that it is “international Women’s Day” today!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I knew it was some time this weekend, Joanna. There’s been a lot of pro-feminist stories in the news this week. The I and the BBC news have reported various initiatives to get more women into vocational training in the IT and construction industries, and yesterday there was a piece on the breakfast news about the increasing number of women in sports such as football, and the problems they faced. Also, for Christians yesterday was Women’s World Day of prayer.

  2. joanna Says:

    It’s my birthday that’s how I know, good job I wasn’t born a man Lol

    That aside, I don’t understand why the government are punishing “jobless” mothers? If motherhood was treated and paid as a proper job I think that would have an impact on society as a whole because with the attention kids today would be more well adjusted. That’s my own I don’t know whether it is right.

  3. beastrabban Says:

    Happy Birthday, and many happy returns, Joanna. AS for the government punishing ‘jobless’ mothers, I’ve got a feeling that it comes from the deep-seated prejudice that anyone not actually going out and working is therefore skiving and living off the state.

    It’s also deeply confused. American Conservatives generally don’t like women working, and I have seen arguments on some of the Right-wing American blogs to the effect that mass unemployment is partly women’s fault. If they all moved back into the kitchen, then more jobs would be available for men. They also argue that the cost of mortgages would also fall, as they would have to be affordable for a single person’s wages, and not as today, where they’ve effective gone up as household income has increased through both partners working.

    The Tories’ attitude tends to be that they want more women in work, although it seems to me that they simply want more women to be trapped like the majority of men in poorly paid, menial jobs. The Daily Mail, on the other hand, angrily denounces working mothers as the cause of social decline, juvenile delinquency and the imminent fall of Western society.

    As for motherhood being better regarded if it was treated and paid as a proper job, that was the argument of the ‘Wages for Housework’ campaign. They were around in the late ’80’s and early ’90s, but I haven’t seen much of them since. I think they’re still around, but have probably been overtaken with the rise in more women choosing to work outside the home.

  4. joanna Says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes you have made my day!

    I am sorry this is so off topic

    I grew up in care, but I was one of the lucky ones, in the 70’s a lot of children’s homes had “house mothers and house fathers, although we didn’t call them mum or dad, we called them “aunties” But the care workers I knew were dedicated to the job and wow could they cook, including the men! It was reassuring know someone was a t home if we were taken ill, and in those times they were allowed to hug the children, in the 80’s that was frowned upon and it changed from house parents to “officers in charge”.

    I noticed a lot more children got into trouble with the law in the 80’s because of the changes. and as a result of those changes I had been moved around 11 different homes before I was 16yrs, one move was 30 miles away from everything that was reassuringly familiar.

    I am sorry if my opinion is old fashioned but maybe if society realised that bringing up kids is fraught with difficulties for men as well as women in some cases, then maybe people could grow up with hope!

    I think you have said yourself, that poverty makes some people do things that they would never normally do out of desperation, I really didn’t meant mothers should be chained to the kitchen sink. I fear this will never be resolved because rich people can employ nannies.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I realised that you didn’t mean you wanted mothers to be chained to the kitchen sink – it was very clear, simply from you remembering that it was International Women’s Day today. Confining women to the domestic sphere is pretty much the preserve of the Conservative Right. Though I have heard some women say that many women would like to stay at home more to look after their children, but find that the cost of living means that they can’t. They have to go out to work to pay the mortgage, rent, gas, electricity and water bills and so on. The Mail’s stance that modern women are somehow selfish for wanting to pursue a career tends to annoy these women with slightly more traditional attitudes, as they don’t feel they have a choice: they have to go out to work, and are not doing so from any selfish set of motives.

      I also found what you said about more children getting into trouble with the law after the abolition of the ‘house father’/ ‘house mother’ system very interesting. Carl Sagan in his book, Cosmos, cites an American anthropologist and a series of experiments with monkeys to show that people need ‘body pleasure’ – hugs and so on, and the more society permits that, the less violent they are. The experiment with monkeys was one in which monkey infants were presented with two fake ‘mothers’. These were dummies. One was a nasty, spiky thing of metal, while the other was soft and huggable. The spiky, metal mother also provided food, which the soft, huggable ‘mother’ did not, or provided less. The scientists conducting the experiment found that the monkey infants would far rather go to the mother they could hug, even though it supplied no or less food than the spikey one. Hence they came to the conclusion that, as a species of primate, human children also needed hugs and normal, parental physical affection. Unfortunately, that obviously had to come to an end with the scandal about paedophiles in care homes. Unfortunately, the absence of anything like normal displays of parental affection seems to have also had a bad effect on children’s psychology.

  5. beastrabban Says:

    As for bringing up children being as fraught with difficulties for men as well as women, I think there’s a growing awareness of this. The Daily Mail has several times criticised the paedophile scare – while at the same time doing everything in its power to keep it going – for creating a climate of suspicion around men around children. There was also a piece on one of the BBC’s documentary programmes a few months ago, which showed that stay-at-home dads tend to have a harder time of it than mums, as they are more isolated and don’t have the same group solidarity as women.

  6. joanna Says:

    Thank you for making this birthday a memorable one! I have enjoyed this conversation and most importantly I have learnt a lot.
    Sorry I didn’t stick to your original topic, which was important, though I don’t know what is going on there, I have tried looking on the internet and learning about it, but it just feels like information overload. I’ll try again tomorrow when my brain is fresh.

  7. beastrabban Says:

    Thanks, Joanna. I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday. As for the Conservatives, Putin and the situation in the Ukraine, I think there’s a lot going on there, half of which is being kept from us. There’s a line in one of the songs by the Goth rock group, the Sisters of Mercy: the real truth is never spoken.

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