Daily Mail columnist denies links to sinister child pornography distribution network

The Daily Mail’s use of photographs of under-age girls with leering captions is notorious, and provoked a long diatribe from the panellists on the long-running TV show ‘Have I Got News For You’ a few years ago. The Mail had once again got on its high horse to stir up more fear and paranoia about paedophiles. Paul Merton and Ian Hislop then pointed out how the Mail publishes photographs of celebrities and their children, or celebrity children, some of whom are as young as 12 or 14, with highly sexualised. As proof, they pointed to the fact that if you went to the Mail’s website, typed ‘girls’ into the search icon, you’d get a long line of such under-age kids, all reproduced with the caption ‘… comes of age’. And thus does the Mail make it’s money from what Mr Pride has pointed out is class 1 child pornography. But the Mail prints it, so it must be respectable.

Pride's Purge


One of the UK’s leading tabloid newspaper columnists, Richard Littlejohn, has denied he has close links to a sinister organisation which regularly distributes photographs of half-naked children around a network of its perverted sick supporters.

Pride’s Purge has uncovered evidence that the organisation – known as DMGT – regularly publishes disgusting images of under-age children alongside commentary full of vile sexual innuendo.

Mr Littlejohn is a regular contributor to the sick and depraved publications.

The images distributed by the DMGT network  – some of which can be see here  – include children as young as 12 years old who are often described as “flirty“, “skimpy” and “sultry“.

The organisation also regularly distributes photographs of half-dressed children under titles such as “teen bikini queens” Too young?” and “tiny wetsuit”

In a statement, police said they are doing everything they can not…

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