Jeffrey Davies on the Death of a Friend while on the WRAG


Jeffrey Davies is a frequent commenter to this blog. Here he describes how one of his friends died after being placed on the WRAG.

yet my mate died a Richard Thomas who we were lifelong friends only to find that hed been placed into the wrag by the atossers well he thought he sort it all out Thursday this was a sunday and I had shouted at him why o why hadn’t you told me about it weds ttime came he died at his kitchen table around 15 hrs before his jcp visit to see whot work he could do yes there are many who died and this il take to my grave the anger at how and why they treated us so jeff3

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case in which someone has died after having been declared ‘fit for work’ by Atos. They run into the tens of thousands, though the true figure is unknown, as the DWP refuses to release them. The Coalition have justified their refusal to do so by saying that it would create public opposition to their policy of getting people back into work, and prevent that policy from being implemented. In other words, they know it would be massively unpopular and that the British people would oppose it, and they just don’t care. As for requests for the information to be released under the Freedom of Information Act, this has been repeatedly turned down. When one blogger requested it, it was too much for the Department to do and did not justify the cost. When several other bloggers, including my brother, Mike, over at Vox Political, made the same request, it was also turned down. This time the excuse was that the request was ‘vexatious’. When Mike appealed against the decision, it was upheld, partly because Mike had been critical about the government on his blog.

This shows you just how far this government is opposed to open government and transparency. I’ve compared IDS’ workfare several times to the system of forced labour used in Stalin’s USSR. The government’s concerted refusal to allow any opposing scrutiny of its policies by opposing groups or individuals is also very much like that of the former Communist dictatorship. The lecturer in Russian history at my old college told us t5hat if you placed a request to examine sensitive documents in the state archives, you would find when you turned up that they were all out. Which is better than having a visit from the KGB, but still a blank refusal from the Soviet authorities to permit any kind of critical examination. The same mentality exists in the Coalition.

Millions were killed in the artificial famines in the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 1950s, but you never heard about it due to the complete control of the Soviet media. This show Western visitors only staged propaganda of happy, prosperous peasants living in a land flowing with food of every kind. IDS’ polices are resulting in the deaths of as many as 38,000 people per year, but you’d never know from the consistent refusal of much of the major media to report this, and the government’s own rejection of any demands to do so.

No wonder Khruschev said, when he was faced with criticism from members of the Labour party for his imprisonment of Soviet Socialists, ‘If I was an Englishman, I would be a Conservative’.

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One Response to “Jeffrey Davies on the Death of a Friend while on the WRAG”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Yes but now we have the internet! As you know can be a powerful tool!

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