Daily Mail admits it was wrong about immigration (and hopes nobody will notice)

Immigration from Romania is something of a hot topic in Bristol. According to an item on BBC Points West, there are now so many Romanians in Bristol that the Romanian government has appointed a special ambassador to the city. The programme interviewed the gentleman in question at his business. I’ve got a feeling he was a restauranteur, but I could be wrong. Despite the fears of a flood of immigrants from that part of the Balkans, I’ve heard of absolutely no problems coming from recent Romanian immigrants in the city. I also think that Britain is culturally well-placed to deal and develops links with the country. Romanian is a Latin language, like French, Italian and Spanish. While it’s very definitely an eastern European, Balkan country until the 19th century the language was written in the Cyrillic alphabet, used by the Russians, Bulgarians and other Slavonic peoples – it’s people see themselves as more orientated towards the West. This should be a point of positive contact, and hopefully development, for the British and Romanian people.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

On the 31st of December last year the Mail gave us this article:

Mail-romanians 1But then – after just about every bit of information in the article turned out to be wrong – the newspaper went to great lengths to deny they had misled readers. The Mail’s tortured explanations by its Corrections Editor Hilary Kingsley can be seen in full here:

Buses, planes, Bulgarians, Romanians and The Daily Mail

But today – surprise surprise – we get this ‘clarification‘ tucked away where the Mail is really really really hoping nobody will notice:

Mail - romanians 2


They could have said all that in just two words:



For the sake of the Daily Mail’s journalistic reputation, best keep this information to ourselves:


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