Claimants Tricked Out of Benefits, Says Jobcentre Whistleblower

This is another video from the Guardian’s Youtube channel. It’s an expose of how the DWP has set targets to get people thrown off Jobseekers’ Allowance. These revelations are made by a whistleblower, whose face is naturally shadowed and voice disguised. He states that there is competition between departments and offices to have the most people thrown off benefits. According to the Jobcentre employee, the staff have two option available for getting someone off benefits: either find them a job, ‘which is really difficult’, or have them thrown off benefits ‘which is really easy’. He states that the DWP deliberately targets the young, because of their lack of maturity and experience, the under-educated, and those with problems reading and writing, such as sufferers from dyslexia. They will not try to remove the tough and experienced from the benefits system.

Mike over at Vox Political has described Atos and the Coalition as bullies. This is exactly what they are, and a large portion of the staff of the DWP and Jobcentres. They are cowards who deliberately pick on the poor and weak, and fear the tough and potentially violent.

The Guardian journos also talk to the Jobcentre’s victims, young men and women, who have been sanctioned for a variety of trivial, and even irrelevant reason. One young woman was sanctioned simply for not applying for the required number of jobs that week. Another young man was sanctioned because his interview at the Jobcentre was interrupted by a fire alarm. The Jobcentre said they’d send him the forms. They did, but they arrived after the deadline set for sending them in, so he was sanctioned.

These people also talk about the real, human cost of being sanctioned. The Whistleblower himself describes a person, who was beaten up because he couldn’t pay back someone from whom he’d borrowed money. Other unemployed speakers describe how they could not complete courses because they could not afford the CRB check, or have been made homeless and are forced to sleep on the floors of friends.

Also interviewed are the staff of a Citizens’ Advice Bureau. They state, amongst other things, that the number of people coming to them for help has vastly increased. Whereas they used to get 80 to 100 letters a week, now they’re getting about 160, if I’ve heard that correctly. They state quite clearly that the amount of work has increased by 200-300 per cent. The video was made in 2011. It can only have increased even further now.

If this iniquitous and exploitative system were not enough, the government and local authorities are now trying to close down the CABs, which are frequently people’s first line of defence in these issues.

The video can be seen at

Here’s the video:

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20 Responses to “Claimants Tricked Out of Benefits, Says Jobcentre Whistleblower”

  1. pippakin Says:

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  2. Claimants Tricked Out of Benefits, Says Jobcent... Says:

    […] This is another video from the Guardian’s Youtube channel. It’s an expose of how the DWP has set targets to get people thrown off Jobseekers’ Allowance.  […]

  3. jaynel62 Says:

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    So yet another DWP staff member comes forward – The TRUTH will Out please Tweet/Share this

  4. The Swans New Party Says:

    Funding for advocates to help people fill in the complex and long forms has gone.

    The funding for CABs is decreasing.

    Everything is being done to end all benefits to all.

    The Tories and Liberals (now called Lib Dems) did this once before with the New Poor Law, that forbade parishes from giving food to the starving out in the community.

    History is repeating itself, with politicians who look upon the poor as if they were the same as they wrongly believed would use the workhouse.

    I was told a few years back, that Jobcentres and Benefit workers were told not to tell people what they were eligible for. To wait til the claimant told them what they wanted, if they had found out somehow.

    I have lost state pension at 60 this year,
    am not on any benefit of any kind
    Works pension above the dole money when my works pension is below the EU say should be £138 per week (£17 a day) instead of present £10 a day kids’ pocket money (£71 per week)
    Even if got state pension, this pension is about the lowest in the developed world bar Mexico, at only around 30% average wages.

    As half of the women aged 60-66 are within the working poor, losing the survival money of state pension whilst their wages flat-lining and in-work benefits frozen from any rise for next three years, then we are victims of welfare reform yet have worked all our lives.

    Every belief that society has about welfare reform and Austerity is a complete and utter fabrication, but they want to hate everyone on welfare as a convenient scapegoat.

    Society despises politicians yet believes every single stupid lie uttered about people politicians and society know absolutely nothing about.

    If you want to change all this, only politicians doing politics in parliament, which is the sole means of changing law and organising society, will change anything.

    Throughout history the engines of change have been the people to bring about new government.

    Only you can bring this about.

    To express support, help run and become the new candidates, new heroes for the dawn of a new age, and to save your own life and the lives of millions suffering our fate today, then contact through website:

    Be part of the solution, not the problem.

  5. jaynel62 Says:

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    So yet another DWP staff member comes forward – The TRUTH will Out please Tweet/Share this

    In Unity xx

  6. storyboard4 Says:

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    Excellent journalistic work

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  9. A6er Says:

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    A glowing indictment of the bullying and callous treatment by JobCentrePlus staff of the unemployed.
    As this first came to light in 2011,its now been proved, from the DWPs own figures, that nearly 900,000 claimants were sanctioned last year alone.Watch the video and despair at the cruelty dished out by those who are supposed to help us find work

  10. Quinonostante Says:

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  11. samedifference1 Says:

    This would have been great but the video is almost 3 years old.

  12. jaypot2012 Says:

    How can these people who sanction others, sleep at night? How can they have prizes for the “winning” person, office, regional office? How can the Opposition just let this happen?
    How come the people are letting this happen? Surely the unemployed, those on sanctions, the disabled, the long term sick, the pensioners and those who won’t get their pensions when they should have, let this go on? Why are we doing nothing?
    Don’t tell me that they’ve all had the stuffing knocked out of them because they’ve had nearly 4 years to do something!
    If you let the bullies keep on bullying (that’s from the government right down to the DWP staff), then you are going to lose everything eventually!
    I truly despair…

  13. jaypot2012 Says:

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    The DWP need to be investigated for cruelty, but they won’t…

  14. leftstream Says:

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  15. wandererwrites Says:

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    There was a time when the JobCentre was there to help people find jobs. When I went into my local JobCentre in the summer of 2012 to inquire about work opportunities I was pointed towards a computer terminal and told to get on with it. It was made clear this was normal practice, no additional help normally available.

    The blog from Beastrabban\’s Weblog below shows comments on a Guardian report from 2011 about the practices of JobCentres. My experience from 2012 and since suggests not a lot has changed.

    In my recent voluntary work in the autumn of 2013 I worked with people who are terrified of being sanctioned because they have not met JobCentre demands to apply online for a specified number of jobs every day or ever week. Some of these applications often have to be made online via a specific website the JobCentre can access to track claimants’ activity. The website is cumbersome to use and prone to faults. It doesn’t matter if the claimant has never used a computer before, or even if they know how to turn a computer one let alone access the internet, let alone cope with clunky inadequate jobsearch websites. It doesn’t matter that many online applications can take an hour to complete for even the most competent computer user. They still have to achieve the target of job applications using a system with which they are either unfamiliar or not confident. There is no support or sympathy from the JobCentre. Instead the claimants are expected to enlist the help of friends or family who are more familiar with computers and the internet if that’s possible, or find their way to public internet cafes (where these still exist and can become quite expensive); the alternative option of using UK Online Centres are usually most easily found in libraries where they are over-subscribed and time limited to an hour (not enough to fill in a job application with ASDA which takes an hour and a half for someone experienced at using the internet – I tried it) and with only the minimum of help and advice available. In larger towns the voluntary sector is filling in the gap with UK Online provisions but funding is poor and dependent on volunteers.

    Meanwhile a whole industry has been created out of this situation. Private agencies who are publicly funded provide work related training, the better ones having offices where clients can access the internet for job searches.

    But the greatest damage is in the stress caused by fear of sanctions. In some people their stress levels have become so high it has blocked their capacity to learn even the simplest of things.

    Stress can do that. It can block the ability to learn. I’ve been there myself, in a particularly stressful work situation where I was conscious of the fact that while I could continue to function on a day to day basis I was completely incapable of learning from new experiences or even make the best use of ‘reflective’ learning.

    I’ve also seen the effect in others when I worked with refugees from war torn countries: intelligent men (and some women) whose terrible memories and experiences were so overpowering they struggled to learn new skills that would help them settle in their new environment (this effect was well known at the time but I will have to find the links to any further evidence and add it here later – in the meantime there is reference to the effect of stress on learning at

    Targets and sanctions are the tools of the neoliberal, capitalist, managerialist, society and work environment that has been created over the last couple of decades. But it’s not effective. The weakest and more vulnerable, the already disempowered, are the victims of this society we have created. And it’s time we spoke up about the effect this is having.

  16. anonnorthwales Says:

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    Weak and vulnerable targeted by job centres and used as Canon fodder to meet unrealistic and cruel targets….

  17. prayerwarriorpsychicnot Says:

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  18. deyolpmenu Says:

    Their is one way of getting the dwp and the staff at job centre plus investigated, as soon they try to threaten you with sanctions and soon as do, they have broken international law on your right to food under article 11 and article 12 in basic terms, your local job centre or the dwp have stopped your right to buy your own food, please have a look at your right to food.

  19. Jana Duit Says:

    Jana Duit

    Claimants Tricked Out of Benefits, Says Jobcentre Whistleblower | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

  20. Mark Catlin Says:

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