Rosette Laid for the Victims of Atos in Derby


I received this comment from CMG on my post ‘Rollcall of the Poor and Disabled, Killed by the Government’s Policies’:

These victims of austerity, ATOS and the DWP were commemorated along with Karen Sherlock, Denis Jones and Tim Salter with this wreath laid at the Derby ATOS demonstration:

Thanks for keeping their memory alive.

The Facebook address leads to a photograph of the Rosette laid for the victims of Atos and the government’s welfare reforms. In the centre of the rosette is a form of the dedication to the dead read out annually for the victims of the First and Second World Wars at the Cenotaph, adapted for these new victims of government indifference and cruelty:

Atos shall not weary them, nor IDS condemn. At the going down of the sun, we shall remember them.

Each of the ribbons surrounding this dedication has the name of one Atos’ victims.

It’s a small, but moving and all too necessary token of respect for the people, who have died in poverty and despair as a result of the government’s welfare reforms. Please go to the Facebook page above to see the original.


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    […] people took creative action to raise awareness. Beastrabban’s blog tells of a rosette laid for the victims of Atos and the government’s benefit […]

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    So many, so few 😦

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