Who is Vince Cable trying to fool?

I’ve reblogged this piece on the way Vince Cable removed the universities from the education department and placed them in the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation because it is also somewhat reminiscent like another event in the history of the Third Reich: Heidegger’s speech when elected Rector of Freiburg University. Heidegger was the German existentialist philosopher, who briefly gave his full support to the Nazis, proclaiming ‘Ich Sage Ja!’ (I Say Yes!) He was then appointed rector to Freiburg University to assist with its gleichschaltung in the new, Nazi state.
In his speech, Heidegger praised the Labour Camps, Labour Service and their spiritual connection to the universities.:
‘There is a new reality. The fact that our high school should be open to the new educational powers of the Labour Service symbolizes the new reality. Camps and schools intend to gather … the educational powers of our people in order to obtain that new unity in which the nation will drive towards its destiny under the State.’
I’ve already pointed out how the Nazi Labour Service, the Reichsarbeitsdienst, was a precursor to the current government’s workfare policies. I’ve also seen more recently an article that stated that the coalition wanted to open schools up to workfare. So, this is another parallel the Coalition’s educational and unemployment policies have with those of the Nazis.

Guy Debord's Cat

One of the worst things that the New Labour government did was to take responsibility for the universities out of the hands of the Department for Education and place them under the authority of the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation. This told us exactly how the government regarded universities: as degree factories that produced workers for white collar jobs in banking, business and customer services. Education for its own sake was discouraged and those embarking on a journey through higher education were encouraged to take up degrees in subjects like  Business Studies. The idea here was to produce ‘entrepreneurs’. But not everyone can be an entrepreneur.

So imagine my disgust when I heard Vince Cable announce that higher education funding would be cut and graduates would be subjected to a higher rate of tax on completion of their studies.  We know that social mobility decreased during the last years of the New Labour…

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One Response to “Who is Vince Cable trying to fool?”

  1. Avicenna Says:

    A strange comment on a 2010 article that was not, in fact, about Vince Cable creating the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation. That was done by Peter Mandelson in 2009. The article was actually condemning Cables’ support of a graduate tax, a position that he himself reversed later in 2010.

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