The UKIP suspend member until his 163rd birthday (not satire!)

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Not sure how I managed to miss this gem.

The UKIP in Scotland have suspended one of its senior members until his 163rd birthday for speaking to the press.

I promise you this is not satire.

Paul Henke – a former chairman of UKIP in Scotland – was informed he is suspended from the party for 100 years after he spoke to a newspaper.

Here’s the full story from the Herald Scotland:

Ukip for court over 100-year ‘fatwa’

Two questions spring to my mind.

1) How can the UKIP continue to claim they are a libertarian party which supports freedom of speech after this?

And more importantly:

2) Is this definitive proof that the UKIP really are a party of the undead?


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