Jail the DWP fraudsters who tried to fix UK unemployment figures!

More creative manipulation of the statistics by Ian Duncan Smith and the Tories. In fact they have previous form for this: the unemployment figures were previously calculated using on those on short term benefit, while those claiming longer term benefits were excluded. This fiddling of the stats goes all the way back to Margaret Thatcher’s administration, when the EEC (as the EU then was) criticised Thatcher’s government for leaving out large sections of the unemployment. It didn’t stop them then, as over thirty years later they’re still doing it. But perhaps being caught red-handed at it during Mrs Thatcher’s premiership explains just why they’re so hostile to the EU.

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[Image from a post on Facebook] [Image from a post on Facebook] Iain Duncan Smith and everybody else associated with this scam should be facing charges and the possibility of imprisonment, rather than re-election next year.

Let’s be honest about this: The government hasn’t messed up by omitting Universal Credit claimants from the official unemployment benefit claimant count – the Department for Work and Pensions messed up by admitting this had happened.

It means we may be looking at a long-term attempt to defraud the electorate. The plan seems clear: When the general election finally takes place next year, Iain Duncan Smith would have claimed that his policies have been a brilliant success in creating jobs and cutting down the number of people claiming benefits.

If people are convinced that the DWP has succeeded in cutting the amount of money being paid out in benefits – the burden on the taxpayer – then they are more likely to…

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