Possible Medical Murder at Liverpool Hospital

I received this comment on my post about the Coalition’s secret courts by Eijnar:

‘Inmates at a Soviet Gulag Many bloggers, including myself, have raised the issue of the Coalition’s increasing intolerance, …’

On Wednesday,5-2-2014 at 16.50 my 93 year old father-in-law died right in front of me. He was murdered by a hospital doctor who had administered a “muscle relaxant” 15 minutes earlier supposedly to aid in the fitting of a feeding tube. However the doctor didn’t wait for the drug to take effect and fitted the tube within a minute of the drug being injected. He admitted during the fitting of the tube that the drug would not take effect for 15-20 minutes and could not have “kicked in” yet so clearly the drug was never intended to “help” with the fitting of the tube!

I have since learnt that “muscle relaxants” are used to paralyse the chest muscles and prevent them from expanding thus starving you of oxygen and killing you. The NHS thus use the same technique as the American Correctional Department does for Death by Lethal Injection.

I reported this to the police and they took a few “notes” but no official statement, no crime number was issued and a full forensic autopsy was not performed so they can avoid finding any evidence!

When he was first admitted to A&E with a head injury and concussion the duty doctor REFUSED to give him a brain scan and insisted the injury was only superficial. It took 3 hours for them to relent and THEN when they confirmed that he had internal bleeding and swelling of the brain they REFUSED to do ANYTHING to reduce the pressure or the bleeding!!!

Despite being very seriously injured, and them finally having the evidence to prove it, he was NOT sent to Intensive Care nor to the Head Injury Unit. He was instead sent to the VASCULAR UNIT which largely contained people having elective treatment for leg veins and who were mostly self caring!

He was labeled as Do Not Resuscitate and we were told he was in his last few hours. They offered to move him to a hospice, the one thing they didn’t do was try and TREAT HIM!

Ten days AFTER being told he was in his “last few hours” he was not only now confirmed to have suffered a stroke AND a heart attack a week AFTER being admitted but was STILL getting stronger every day! The man they said was “in his last few hours” had to be prevented from getting out of bed to go to the toilet on his own and was talking and sharing a joke!

After 14 days he was keen to have a shave and felt his chin with great care afterwards to check the result, so he wasn’t a drooling vegetable in need of a quiet death!

The initial refusal to give him a brain scan and also to refuse to take the word of his own family that he was concussed and not normally confused is clear evidence of the hospital operating a system of TRIAGE whereby they ration care and deny it to the elderly so as to speed them on their way to the morgue.

Ask yourself if he had been a man in his 20’s would they have refused to give him a scan, would they make him wait 3 hours when standard medical practice stresses the vital importance of EARLY intervention and “The Golden Hour” is the one immediately after the injury occurs?

So how do I know that he was murdered, well the fitting of the feeding tube was supposedly urgent as he had not been fed anything in 14 days. After it was fitted it could not be used until an x-ray confirmed it was correctly fitted. So WHY did they not simply perform the x-ray at once using the mobile machine we had seen used many times over the previous 14 days? They calmly announced that they would send him down later in the evening, why the delay when the fitting of the tube was so urgent that they didn’t even wait for the drug to take effect?

This took place in the Liverpool Royal Hospital and it was this very hospital that pioneered the Liverpool Care Pathway, now supposedly abolished, yet the very people who invented it AND operated it for many years, are STILL there and they have the same beliefs and ethos they have always had! The LCP was an official method of “managing death” which to the layman is no different from murder.

One of the favoured methods is to fit a drip which set at too rapid a rate and thus floods the lungs.You gasp for breath and risk heart attack or stroke and thus a “natural death”, another possibility is that you might get Pneumonia and die from that, once again a “natural death”. In this case it has been put down as the original injury, you know, the “superficial” one that was trivial!

I know how he was murdered, I know how I could prove it, but he is not going to get a FORENSIC AUTOPSY so the system can remain safe as without that the REAL cause of death will simply not be found because nobody wants to even look for it.

Our family is Working Class, we have no contacts and no wealth to fund fighting this so nothing will be done. This is the same government that closed down REMPLOY and has smashed the benefit system. They will carry on screwing the poor for every penny they can until the poor eventually die out or fight back.

I don’t know how you will respond to reading about my family’s experiences but I have made myself a vow, if I am ever diagnosed with a terminal illness I will not waste the freedom such knowledge gives. I will engage in my own form of “TRIAGE” and bring a new meaning to the “Liverpool Care Pathway”!

Henry Lang.
Born April 10th 1920.
Murdered February 5th 2014

This is extremely disturbing. I am very sorry for your loss, Eijnar. I am, however, just an ordinary layman with absolutely no knowledge of medicine. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be properly investigated?

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7 Responses to “Possible Medical Murder at Liverpool Hospital”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    yes we past the sell by date we are put to sleep just like a dog but if one is tory or a few bob bobs your uncle theyl pull out the stops but get to that age were monies seem reluctant to come our way in treatments care then its bye bye we are just that animals to put down jeff3

  2. George Kuchanny Says:

    Its the lying that adds insult to injury here. Tough old bird like Henry gets actively killed because the medics are fed up with waiting for him to die. Nobody telling his buddy Eijnar a thing. Least of all that an autopsy would end in a “narrative verdict” meaning no distinct cause of death despite eyewitness evidence of a fatal injection.

  3. jaynel62 Says:

    I’m no expert but if I were in Eijnar’s place I would send this account as a complaint to the Hospital, copied to the Police – stating you demand a full investigation. – Then get yourself a specialised Lawyer – All very best x

  4. anon Says:

    tell them a nurse told you and a witness to get the police as they were planning to deliberately kill him off…. ….and its what they were bloody well doing anyway!

  5. JK Says:

    Even the liverpool care pathway’s inventor and copyright holder john ellershaw KNEW they were over usign the LCP around liverpool in 2011, as the death rate shot up over 50% …he admitted it in the minutes of a local palliative care group meeting, and tried to put it down to a coding error, but it still means the death rate had shot up 50%…there was no bubonic plague out break….this is manslaughter at the very least…but only because you will never be able to prove in court that death is what they intended….doctors are really good liars….

  6. Dr. L Says:

    GET A CRIME NUMBER IF IT MEANS SCREAMING IN A POLICE STATION….sick of reading cases like this!

  7. Dr. L Says:

    Tweet Ann Clwyed https://twitter.com/AnnClwyd too

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