Anti-Fracking Protester Vanessa Vine demolishes Peter Lilley on Channel 4

This is a video of Channel 4 New’s report on the anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss on 26th January 2014. As well as reporting the protest itself, and David Cameron’s speech supporting fracking, the programme also included a debate between one of the protesters, Vanessa Vine, and Peter Lilley. As well as a Conservative minister, Lilley is chairman of the Conservative’s energy committee, and also on the board of Tethis Petroleum, a fracking company drilling in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

In the debate Vine shows herself extremely well-informed, with all the facts to hand. Vine has talked to people from across the globe, from Pennsylvania, Queensland, Rumania to Poland. She catches Lilley out lying about the damage done by fracking to the environment, properties, humans and their livestock, and the way he has repeated his lies since she met him in September last year. Despite Lilley’s sputterings, she manages to get him to retract one of his points.

This shows not just how very well founded the objections to fracking are. It also demonstrates yet again the government’s mendacity, and the way it is strongly intertwined with multinational big business, that is completely indifferent to the lives and wellbeing of the ordinary citizens affected by this.

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4 Responses to “Anti-Fracking Protester Vanessa Vine demolishes Peter Lilley on Channel 4”

  1. gingerblokeblog Says:

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  2. jeffrey davies Says:

    after the firms have gotten up whot they can they leave and leave the tax payers yet again to pay for the clean up but howcan you clean up trillions of gallons of pollution its aamegedon of our planet all because greed jeff3

  3. Paul Smyth Says:

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  4. simonw Says:

    Lilley has been investigated by the Guardian and has more than a vested interest in fracking – see link. However he cleverly said at the end of the C4 interview that he has no vested interest in fracking IN THIS COUNTRY (my caps). But he clearly does in others.

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