‘Scrap maternity pay’ – how Tories see the future of ‘welfare’ reform

MIke here points out how expensive, inefficient and bureaucratic the current Tory plans to replace state maternity pay with a payment instead from something like the workplace pension scheme are. This will, of course, not matter at all to the Tories, as they have as a fundamental article of faith a hatred to any kind of state interference, no matter how efficient and beneficial it actually is. I’ve blogged before now that one of the reasons the Tories wish to dismantle the welfare state is a desire to see the benefits system handed over so that the private sector can profit from it. This is almost certainly the reason Charlie Elphicke, the Dover MP, is backing this.
Of course, the other reason is that the Tories and the Republicans in America hate working mothers, and you can find posts on some Libertarian sites attacking maternity leave and the employment of women for adding extra expense to businesses. Hence the desire of the Daily Mail, and so on to see women back at home, rather than at work.

Mike Sivier's blog

[Image: The Guardian] [Image: The Guardian] Yesterday (February 11) we had a chance to see what the Tories – or at least some of them – want to do to state benefits.

Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover, launched a debate in the Westminster Hall in which he called for the axing of maternity pay – and other in-work benefits – to make way for a new insurance system into which employers and the self-employed would pay, and from which the costs of maternity leave and other benefits would be met. He suggested that participating employers would see a corresponding cut in their National Insurance contributions.

He said he wanted this system to pay out at minimum wage levels, rather than at the current £137 per week maternity rate. The state would back the scheme, but it would be entirely funded by businesses.

The taxpayer would not fund any of this scheme – at…

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