Coalition cut flood defence by 27% – Labour increased flood defence by 33%

Yesterday I blogged on the lies Cameron told when visiting the Somerset Levels, in which he claimed that the Coalition had spent more on flood protection than the Labour Party. Tom Pride here provides the figures to show that Cameron was indeed lying. Well, it’s only one more lie from a government that has absolutely no desire to ever tell anyone the truth.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s ConDemNation today!)

I certainly don’t want to be seen as a cheer leader for New Labour – but downright government lies and spin are something I can’t ignore.

Cameron has tried to blame the recent floods on the last Labour administration.

However the figures are very clear – so clear in fact I’m surprised few people in the mainstream press have put them together.

In the 4 years until 2010, government spending on flood defences under Labour rose by 33%.

In the 4 years until now, government spending on flood defences under the coalition has been cut by 27%.

The comparisons can be found in greater detail here:

Flood defence budget cuts: who’s spinning what?

Of course the government could always argue they couldn’t predict the present flooding.

Only one problem with that line of argument.

A rather senior member of the government…

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