Clegg’s pledges – what are they worth?

Steel’s article and that of the Guardian, which reveals that Clegg had absolutely no intention of honouring his election promises, will doubtless confirm many students of what they already knew: that the Libdems are absolutely treacherous and untrustworthy. A few years ago I attended a conference of medievalists at Uni. One of the papers was on the Welsh churchman and chronicler, Gerald of Wales. The speaker opened with a very unflattering description of how the subject of his talk was two-faced, treacherous, untrustworthy and an intriguer, who said one thing and did another. He then stated that, no, he wasn’t talking about Nick Clegg, but about the medieval Welsh ecclesiastic. His comments were very well received, and it was clear talking to many of those in attendance that there were very few, who had any time for Clegg or his coalition partners. A lot of students are going to remember Clegg’s lies about tuition fees for a very long time to come.

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Vox Political reader Simon Kirk pointed out this little gem from comedian Mark Steel, writing in The Independent.

At a time when the Liberal Democrats are desperately trying to claw back some credibility, he make the excellent point that, after the betrayals of the last few years, it is unrealistic to expect anyone to believe anything Nick Clegg and his yellow friends say in the future.

Worse still, there is evidence that teams representing the Tories and Liberal Democrats negotiated what would be in a coalition agreement before the May 2010 election – the document mentioned in The Guardian‘s article is dated March 16, 2010 – and abolishing student tuition fees, a principle Liberal Democrat pledge, was not part of the agreement.

In other words, Clegg campaigned for two months ahead of the election with…

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