The Not So Hidden Ideology Behind The DWP’s War On Women

I also believe extremely strongly in the importance of sound, harmonious marriages or committed relationships both in and of themselves, as an excellent environment for raising happy and healthy children, and as the foundation for a properly functioning society. Mr Void has here made some excellent points, as usual. There are all too many women trapped in abusive relationships. Many welfare claimants at the DWP are women, who’ve left such a relationship and need support while they rebuild their lives. They are not being best served or protected by legislation that deprives them of an income the moment they try to leave a violent partner. Rather than strengthening families, it seeks to promote and prolong an already dysfunctional relation, leading to more violence, physical harm and in some cases, murder as the violence is carried to its ultimate conclusion. And the Void’s also correct in that it is contradictory for a government, which is trying to limit abortion, to place more pregnant women in the position where the termination of their unborn baby may be the only thing that keeps them out of the gutter.

the void

Conservative Party Annual ConferenceThe impact on women of austerity policies has often been assumed to be an unfortunate side-effect driven not by ideology but simple bad luck.  Women are more likely to work in the public sector, and therefore were hit harder by mass job losses.  More women than men are single parents, and as such more women have suffered due to the benefit cuts.

Few in mainstream politics have suggested this was intentional – instead the impression given is that this has represented a lack of thought or care about the needs of women.  Undoubtedly the result of a sexist society, but still pretty much business as usual, particularly for the Tory Party.

The reality, which has gone almost unnoticed even during a much discussed feminist revival, is that Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms represent an attack on women’s autonomy which is unprecedented in the UK’s recent history.  And this assault –…

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