National Campaign Against ATOS

I’ve just reblogged Mike’s post about the national protests against ATOS, which will be held up and down the country on Wednesay, 19th of February. In Bristol the protest will be held at the Bristol Assessment Centre, Government Buildings, Flowers Hill, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5LA, according to the campaign’s Facebook page at This also provides the following useful information for getting there by bus: ‘The assessment centre is served by bus routes: 36, 178, 349, and X39.
Ask for the Flowers Hill bus stop. The Bus stop is opposite the TK Maxx store.
The centre is within 200 metres walk from the bus stop.

Any problems, call Michael on 07977279672’.

Here’s a map of Brislington, showing Flower’s Hill:

Brislington Map.

Anonymous has also made their opposition to ATOS very clear in this video, which I found at the National Campaig’s home page at

Remember, these are ‘hackers on steroids’.
If they’re serious, ATOS, Ian Duncan Smith and Esther McVey ought to be afraid.

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24 Responses to “National Campaign Against ATOS”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

    Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    I’m reblogging this for the video by Anonymous, which features footage of real people who have been affected by the (as I call them) Atos deaths. My brother (the Beast) also helpfully provides details of the Bristol event.
    I’d like to keep putting out details of events across the country in the run-up to the day itself (although I won’t be writing any more personally). Anyone wanting me to reblog articles about their events, please let me know the web address and I’ll try to publicise them.

  2. delboy109 Says:

    I only hope for the people & there family’s & friends who have had their loved ones murdered by this ruthless Nazi government that they will be brought to justice & they pay the price for there evil ways that has killed so many people it has been kept from us how many have died. LET JUSTICE BE DONE.

  3. stewilko Says:

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  4. Helen Maddock Says:

    Does anyone know if Exeter is being targeted for a protest….if so count me in. I have been through this process and had to fight for my back pay even after I had my judgement set aside at tribunal……and i consider myself one of the fortunate ones.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience, Helen. I’ve also been falsely declared ‘fit for work’ by ATOS, and you and everyone else who’s been abused by them definitely have my sympathies. The UKRebellion site Mike links to in the article gives a list of all the places up and down the country, where people will be demonstrating against ATOS. And yes, that includes Exeter. I’ve just looked it up. The web address for the Exeter demonstration is They also have links for directions to the protest and maps.

  5. stilloaks Says:

    Reblogged this on Still Oaks and commented:
    Thank you Beastrabban, for promoting this. I thought the Anonymous video was very powerful. T.C.

  6. seachranaidhe1 Says:

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  7. jaypot2012 Says:

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    I’ll be with my disabled husband at the Atos in Dundee, Scotland on the 19th February. Let’s hope that this is the start of breaking down the governments policy against the vulnerable. Let’s hope that Anonymous can do a lot of damage from the inside whilst we protest peacefully outside!
    We need media coverage, but how to get it?

  8. jaypot2012 Says:

    I am going with my husband to the protest in Dundee, Scotland. I so hope that Anonymous can do lots of damage on the inside whilst we protest peacefully outside.
    We need to get media coverage, but how?

  9. delboy109 Says:

    I’m coming off this sight I’ve not had any one come back to me on my remark so I find my opinions a complete waist of time.

  10. beastrabban Says:

    Hi Jaypot and Delboy. Thanks for the comments. I’m sorry you feel that your comment was a complete waste of time, Delboy109. It wasn’t. I’m certain that everyone here agreed with it 100 per cent. I apologise to you and anyone else here who comments, if they feel I’m ignoring them. I’m not. I do read the comments on this site, even though I may not respond to all of them. Please stick around.

    Jaypot – I’ve had a few other people ask about getting media coverage on the protests against IDS and the DWP. I honestly have no idea how you can get it, though. I wonder if the organisers have issued press releases about the protests? It’ll be interesting to see what coverage there is, if any, on the BBC. My guess is that there’ll be very little, except if there’s violence. Then they’ll be delighted.

  11. Helen Maddock Says:

    Indeed! I have pointed out to Katy in Exeter that our protest is neatly tucked up in an industrial; estate and could easily be blockaded from the previous roundabout let alone the SINGULAR entrance+exit to this Atos office……. Heavitree, a big copshop, is less that half a mile away too…….I posted a vid on my facebook wall of a disabled male demonstrator being dragged out of his wheelchair by at least 4 police officers whist we listened to the appalling dialogue on their squawk boxes…it takes some watching I can tell you. Thanks for the personal response to my query about the local demo in Exeter as I am now in contact with Kate and hope to be of use to her in the coming month. Buzz me if you could use that vid cos its really something. Bon Chance mon freres.

    • beastrabban Says:

      That’s interesting – the ATOS offices in Flowers Hill in Brislington are similarly tucked away up a complex of buildings in an industrial estate in Brislington. I don’t know how far away the nearest police station is, but it seems to me that a protest there could also be blockaded quite easily like those you describe in Exeter. I was also disgusted and appalled by your account of the assault on the wheelchair-bound man by the police. I’d certainly be very willing to put the video up on the blog here, though I’m fairly sure you’re get more hits on it up on Facebook. Nevertheless, I’m more than willing to publicise this horrific abuse of power by the cops.

      Best wishes,


      • Helen Maddock Says:

        Send me a friend request on Fb and you can take it straight from there with my blessings. My account is not public. The clip will make you fume for sure it made me really angry being a wheelchair user myself. It was bad enough they thought they needed 4 officers to deal with one raspberry but its the running commentary that made me realise that they have no respect AT ALL. I expect serious trouble at Exeter as its a tory fiefdom and us peasants don\t have any rights, Devon is the most sued county for negligent misstatement and Social Services have the bad practice auditors in and ARE NOT SAFE, add to that its punitive record, the highest prosecution rate for women including incarceration and you will begin to get the bigger picture. Let your light shine Beastie.

      • Helen Maddock Says:

        Ah its gone! Either the link has expired or it has been removed by other than me. Not even a marker for where it had been…I sent it to several people as I was so disgusted and the email dates are for November so it must have been prior to that….i have ran through my entire timeline and it really is gone, the thumbnail was of the policemen bending over the man on the floor. The dialogue was about how he was a known protestor and considered himself a hard nut….there was chuckling and something unintelligible but I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of we will see about that. The public prevented this man being bodily removed from his chair and you could clearly hear the incredulity in their voices “what you doing, you can’t do that” several times before the police realised that they were surrounded and let go of him before beating a hasty retreat in silence oddly enough! The accents of the public protesting at the police actions was midlands and quite soft.
        I will search the usual suspects for this link as it must have come from Johnny Void Or Tom at Prides Purge. Interestingly enough whilst trawling through reams of FB a lot of the Anonymous links have expired as well as a few others such as black triangle and and bugger cant remember the other org but its telling that they are all the political ones…….hmm Applying more coffee and then emailing others to see if anyone still has this link….might be worth trawling youtube……laters Beastie this Raspberry is off and running.
        Not literally Atos.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Thanks for the efforts about this, Helen. This all sounds very suspicious to me. Tom’s also had problems with the internet companies trying to block access to his site because of its ‘adult’ material. Well, it’s adult, all right, but only in the sense that politics is, after all, an adult business. I’ve got a feeling many of the others have also been subject to a bit of internet censorship as well. Well, if you do find it, I’d be delighted to put it up. If you don’t, may I post your comments about the way it has been ‘disappeared’, as this also looks very sinister?

      • Helen Maddock Says:

        I found an entry labelled the 29th December where I commented about that disgusting clip I had just watched but the clip itself HAS been removed altogether. The other org whose stuff has been pulled is Open vendetta 2013. Yes I do think you should highlight this especially in the light of the gagging bill now becoming law. Please look at my FB page first just to be sure in your own mind that I have not imagined this or simply failed to find my missing clip. Perhaps we should consider using Rebel at the Raspberry Ritz rather than my name…..send me a friend request via Fb and I will talk to you more in personal chat as my page is NOT public. Its not on you tube I checked but there is a plethora of clips with police “restraining” demonstrators in the midlands as this is what I typed into the the search bar… might be worth searching nation wide and see if I can ping anything on it anywhere. Today I tried to follow up on an email advising me that Scott Bignell has posted something on the Atos demo site so I tried to access it via the email link and directly via Fb and guess what…it wont load and it will tell you that it is unavailable!! The e mail link showed a poster and his comment but It been censored for sure. I have advise Kate Marchant the host for this event. Speak soon Rebel

      • Helen Maddock Says: found it on you tube! but tellingly its audio of the the Police dialogue is missing ‘….listen to the voice in the background saying what you doing you cant do that and hear the real anguish and outrage at what he was witnessing. I have also re posted it to my Fb page so I’m wondering how long it will stay there this time. He was at a demo for Syria but the thumbnail has been changed too. The original clip was of just the police outrage nothing about a news report….Sing it loud brother publish and be damned.

      • Helen Maddock Says:

        Found it on you tube, this is better quality of same event and You tube holds clips of interviews with him and further footage. If I were you I would run it as “if that was then what could happen now” in the light of all the ant-democracy bills that have been posted of late they now have the power to use water cannon and nerve gas to disperse people causing a nuisance……Morally attuned Activists I would call them. Its telling that I only picked this up in 2013 yet it happened in 2010 and I can’t remember it ever being on national tv but then I guess it wouldn’t be would it! I hope this help. Helen

  12. beastrabban Says:

    Thanks a lot, Helen. I will certainly do as you say. Another Angry Voice has done a couple of pieces on the police now having the power to use water cannon against protesters, and I heard from 38 degrees that the gagging bill has gone through. This is really going to need some detailed coverage to make sure this is all done justice. Going through some old copies of Lobster, I found an article there from 1986 on the ominous increase in police power during the miner’s strike. Apparently Maggie took away local council’s ability to control or supervise the police’s actions during the strike, but maintained their requirement to foot the bill. One of the local authorities in Yorkshire naturally got very annoyed about this. When the Met tried to get them to pay for the officers they sent up there, they got a curt statement from that particular council that no, they certainly won’t going to pay for them as ‘it would take a hundred years’ to sort out the mess the clowns from the Met had done up there. So, I’ll definitely check out these links and will write something on them soon.

    • Helen Maddock Says:

      Not surprised at all. I grew up under the auspices of Thames Valley Police and in those days they would nick their own grannies for a fag butt.. The riots in Bristol in 1979/80 was written up as a black on white riot. TROSSACHS I was there and it was a heavy handed bust in the black+white cafe and when they came up empty handed they started stop+searches on random people who naturally objected and it all got out of hand from there…… again the Battle of the Beanfield in Wiltshire, with wagon loads of specials fresh from the miners strike picket line. No numbers and full riot gear with specially blacked out visors so they could never be ID’D smashing in van windows whilst being able to see women+kids behind the glass…..for a bunch of unarmed hippies who pulled off on to the field of somebody who obviously had connections… warning to disperse, nowt. Its been decades since I believed a damn thing I read in the papers or saw on the news. If they could do that to Jody McIntyre in 2010 then what could they do to me now at the Atos demo….. with all the new laws? There is also the censorship that is going on……Did you hear the police dialogue? Had you seen this article before and blogged on it…just curious!

      Best wishes Helen

  13. beastrabban Says:

    I was a schoolboy during the ‘race’ riots in Bristol, though I thought they broke out in 1980/1. I don’t have any first-hand experience of them, as we were told by the headmaster that if anyone actually joined in the rioting, they’d be expelled. I did read in the Evening Post at the time that it all began with the police raiding the Black & White Café, which, it has to be said, was notorious for drugs. However, I definitely had the impression that it wasn’t primarily about race. We had a white bloke with a beard and a megaphone standing outside the school gates on the day it started, or perhaps the second day of the riot, shouting, ‘Do you hate the teachers? Do they make you wear school uniform? Then come down to St. Paul’s and attack the police’ or words to that effect. A decade or so ago there was an article in the Indie by one of the Black writers on race, that stated that riots up and down Britain, of which those in St. Paul’s were a part, weren’t about race, but were ‘uprisings against the police’ in his words. A few years later I met a Black friend from St. Paul’s at College, who had been a Sunday school teacher at his local church during the riots. He made it very clear that the rioting wasn’t about race. He was really upset by the whole incident, especially when some of the very young children he was trying to teach told him they were going to the riots.

    As for the ‘Battle of the Beanfield’, that was notorious. It caused a scandal right across Britain. One of the videos we were shown on an archaeology course I did at Uni was about the police and their role in trying to bring the various interest groups around Stonehenge together in order to smooth things out when the tourists, hippies and pagans come to see the dawn at the solstice. The policeman in charge of that spoke about the attack on the New Age travellers, and stated that they were trying to distance themselves from such tactics since then.

    That nevertheless frightened a lot of my friends when I was doing Dark Age re-enactment. We used to travel to events up and down the country as Saxons, Normans, Vikings, and Celts. I can remember one meeting where a group of us said that they had been really worried travelling through that part of Wiltshire in case the cops had mistaken us for New Age Travellers and treated us accordingly. Pete Loveday, a comics artists and writer, later sent up that style of policing up in his strip ‘Russell: the Saga of a Peaceful Man’. He calls them by a humorous name, that spells the acronym S.H.I.T., and has their commanding officer called Himmler, with a uniform based on Judge Dredd. In the end they are just so arrogant and nasty that a group of mild-mannered ordinary citizens get fed up with them and beat them up.

    I really hadn’t heard about the incident with Jody McIntryre before, and haven’t blogged on it. I will check it out, though.

    • Helen Maddock Says:

      Ditto I was a school girl but I had a friend who lived in the area and I was visiting her and her family for tea after school so I was in the area when it all kicked off. The youngest male of the household fell through the door covered in blood as he had gotten mixed up in the riot on the way home from his school in that area. The family wisely bundled me straight into their car and dropped me off on the downs to make my own way home and safety whilst they hot footed it back home to care for and protect their own children…..needless to say I have never forgotten this. Your dates are probably accurate as I was writing from memory not being of an age where a journal or diary appealed. I remember watching tv that night when the news came on and the skewed reporting astounded me. I can remember feeling so stupid because at that tender age it had never occurred to me that the news lied.
      I am fascinated to hear your account of such blatant rabble rousing especially to children of school age, from what little I saw there was significant bodily harm being done and this certainly was no place for any impressionable child. Whilst I am nailing my colours to the mast in true Bristolian fashion I have to declare that I am NOT anti police and in fact have on more than one occasion been damn grateful for their interventions… social workers, Vicars and Counsellors nationwide no one gives them a second thought unless there is a crisis. Not all the boys in blue are fully paid up assholes and I can name three off of the top of my head that the world let alone the Police service would be sadder without.
      That having been said like corrupt clergy, bad teachers, dangerous doctors etc they still need monitoring and dealing with appropriately.
      Jumping forward in time I lived in Salisbury when The Battle of the Beanfield kicked off and many once charged and bailed aimed for my house as I was known sympathiser to their plight, some came fresh from the hospital so I guess my evidence is second hand but I was witness to the attacked post battle. It is notorious and so it should be, they would do well to hang their collective head in shame let alone bleat lamely about “distancing themselves from such tactics, its akin to an abusive partner saying sorry after they have hospitalised you…unacceptable.
      My further thoughts on the protestor being removed from his wheelchair is this: are their officers as we speak having learnt from the disgusting Jody McIntyre incident now being trained how to “SAFELY REMOVE US FROM OUR CHAIRS ” or are they just going to grab the handles and wheel us away? I wonder if such a course exists and if so how many attendants have been rushed through in the last few months in anticipation of a backlash from the disabled activists and their supporters? Surely the fact that neither of us had seen that clip before indicates that it was censored and I can’t help wondering how it has come on line now so to speak. As my original post has been deleted by A..N. Other I cant back track by following the original post or feed….please hear Mutley cussing and mumbling.

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