“The poor cannot sleep, because they are hungry, and the rich cannot sleep, because the poor are awake.”

I’m reblogging this as I am absolutely sure there are many, many more people in Jaynelinney’s situation. Indeed, I know one fellow, who at several times in his life really has been just one step ahead of the bailiffs. Jayne’s case reveals just how precarious entitlement to Housing Benefit can be, and the willingness of the authorities to take it away from the desperately poor on the flimsiest of excuses. As for the authorities’ attitude that they couldn’t help Jayne, because they were extremely busy while everything in the office was to the contrary, I also noted something similar in the Jobcentre. Despite their harsh attitude towards the unemployed, they also seemed at times remarkably underemployed there themselves, with a lot of staff standing around not doing very much.


Yesterday I was in court (for the third time) because my Local Authority Housing Benefit (HB) Dept are inept; they have for the past 2 years been playing with my HB account suspending/releasing and finally after 14 month closing my HB account! payments. My supportive Housing Association officer has done everything she can to help sort this to no avail hence the Court involvement.

To cut a long irrelevant story short this was our third appearance in court and the judge had at the last meeting called the Director of Housing to come before her to explain the situation; we arrived to find HB had sent a Team Leader (TL) as a representative who in front of the judge could only reply with the obligatory “I don’t know”! To say the judge was unamused is an understatement and the upshot was yet another adjournment with an order that HB must…

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One Response to ““The poor cannot sleep, because they are hungry, and the rich cannot sleep, because the poor are awake.””

  1. jaynel62 Says:

    Thanks for this – worse this seems to becoming a regular problem – What a Country we’ve become! xx

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