Cameron a Christian???

I agree with every word that’s written here. Of course, I actually feel sorry for Cameron for the loss of his disabled son, as I do anyone who’s suffered such a terrible loss. But Jaynelinney is right about the horrendous hypocrisy of the man and his party. Apart from sneering and booing at the accounts of the sufferings of ordinary disabled people and their families, Cameron himself has shown his own double standards when it comes to welfare entitlements. When his son was alive, he claimed the relevant benefit for him. After the death of this poor little mite, he abolished it, so making sure no one else could. So, Cameron does not display the true Christian attitude towards the disabled that he claims.

This looks like a piece aimed at the Christian Right. Cameron’s under fire from them because of his support for gay marriage. This piece’s presentation of Cameron as someone, who cared deeply about his disabled son, seems intended to reassure right-wing Christian fears about abortion. The Christian right is acutely aware of the history of eugenics legislation, and the way it targeted the unborn. German eugenicists called them ‘lebensunwertigenlebens’ or ‘life unworthy of life. The Nazis even produced a propaganda movie, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Born’ promoting the abortion of disabled children. This seems to be an attempt to appeal to such Conservative Christians by telling them that, although he supported gay marriage, he’s really a loving Christian at heart, who is not going to bring in similar Nazi policies regarding abortion.

As for the article’s statement that Cameron is somehow special for loving his son despite his disability, this is far from the case. Other people also deeply love their disabled children. A little while ago there were a series of adverts on television appealing for foster parents for Down’s Syndrome Children. My mother remarked about them that there were some people, who preferred fostering kids with this particular disability, because they were so loving. Society is truly blessed to have such people, willing to give a family to these unfortunates.

In short, this is just a piece of nasty electioneering. If you read between the lines, however, you can see that despite this smiling, virtuous façade, many Conservative Christians in this country are deeply unimpressed with the man the extremely Conservative journalist, Peter Hitchens, calls ‘Mr Slimey’.


Today’s Telegraph has an article by Damien Thompson on the death of Ivan Cameron & his (Thompson’s) seemingly shocked view that Ivan’s family loved him!! As a parent who’s second son developed leukaemia and died at 3 1/2, I’m deeply pissed off at this

Thompson finds it striking that “the tragic handicaps that afflicted their little boy did not lessen their joy in his presence” I find nothing remotely striking in this. I don’t remember having met many people either in real life and on social media who don’t feel exactly the same; and I am friends today in both worlds, with adults born with severe disabilities who will make the same claim.

What I find so offensive is this blatant attempt by Thompson, to humanise the man who as PM, has led the most brutal attack on disabled UK people in many years. He shares a front…

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