The EU’s Corporate Official in Blair’s Britain

In the same issue as the review of the Corporate Europe Observatory’s Europe Inc., Lobster also carried a piece identifying Sir David Simon of BP, as one of the five UK members of the European Roundtable of Industrialists. ERT is one of the major industrialists’ organisation formulating EU economic policies on behalf of multinationals. Sir Simon was also, according to Lobster, a member of the EU’s Competitiveness Advisory Group, set up by the then European President, Jacques Santer, in 1995 following suggestions from the ERT two years earlier in 1993. According to Lobster, Sir David Simon was then (1998) the Minister for Trade and Competitiveness in Europe under Tony Blair. The piece on him finishes with ‘So when the Blair government begins telling us that wages are too high in Britain, you will know from whom it is coming’.

Assuming this to be correct, this indicates that the multinationals in Brussels has been trying to control British economic and social policies in line with their plans for Europe for nearly two decades. Osborne’s plan to increases the power of multinational big business through the TTIP really does seem to be the latest stage in this campaign, conducted with the full backing of the multinationals’ representatives and officials in Britain.


‘Watch What Simon Says’, Lobster 34, Winter 1998, p. 23.

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