A Message From Merthyr That Channel 4 Should Listen To

Kudos to the Void for finding this excellent video, where the real unemployed are allowed to present their side of the story, and the employers themselves acknowledge the problems that someone from Merthyr Tydfil would find trying to get work in Cardiff. I remember very well that particular quote from Ian Duncan Smith, in which he blithely declared that you could get on a bus and within an hour be in Cardiff. Mike over at Vox Political, told me that it really does show Smith’s stunning ignorance of what it’s actually like in that part of Wales, as the bus company was closing services from Merthyr to Cardiff. Although the film is particularly concerned with Merthyr Tydfil, many of the problems it identifies are universal throughout Britain. They’d apply to any rural area or small town up and down the country where there’s large scale unemployment, and the people have to try to look for work further afield. And unemployed people, who are unable to work because of disability, like Jeff in the film, who suffers from MS will be hit even harder when the Coalition finally privatises the NHS. The drugs we tend to take for granted on the NHS can sometimes be extremely expensive. The result of this will be that a large portion of the sick unemployed will simply be no longer able to afford their medication.

the void

This is a film made in 2011 by two young people documenting how Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms were likely to impact on the community of Merthyr Tydfil.  The latte slurpers behind Benefits Street should take note.  This is really what austerity looks like, and it’s got much worse since then.

Apologies for lack of posts this week, it’s been a wobbly start to the year.

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