Atos’ Lies about Claimants: Commenters’ Stories

I’ve blogged about the sad death of Jacqueline Harris, the Bristol lady who took her own life after being declared fit by ATOS. I mentioned in this post that it was my experience that ATOS will lie about the examination in order to have the claimant declared fit for work. Two people have commented on this piece, describing their own experiences where ATOS did the same to them. I’m reposting their accounts here, as I feel that more people should be made aware about this. If their stories, and those of people like them, are simply kept in the comments column, then I’m afraid they will be overlooked. More people will just carry on with their head in the sand, convinced that their is nothing wrong with the current benefits’ system, and uncritically accepting government-sponsored propaganda that paints everyone on welfare as feckless scroungers.

Here is Mmarkus’ experience:

‘Great read with many things most people don’t even know or probably just don’t care….. I had ATOS medical professional (a GP) come to my house then lie. It took three pages to correct all his errors when telling HM Court’s & Tribunal Service. A couple of examples were he said “I could walk 800 meters without any pain or discomfort. That I had no problem with spinal function. That my back pain was unlikely to be a problem in the future & that I had to get a relative to take me to the bank”.
The facts are I have had three surgeries on my back the surgeon & specialist from the pain management clinic tell me there is nothing more they can do to help me anymore & the pain will get worse. So one ATOS medical professional contradicting two specialists my GP & the mental health professionals I have contact with (worryingly none of those who know my background care that their credibility is being questioned, my GP saying “don’t worry they are saying that about everybody!!!!! Sorry but that is shameful).
The ATOS doc told me NOT to lean forward & never asked ANY questions about walking. I CAN’T go to the bank & rely on the internet for most things like shopping & paying bills.I have NOT been inside my bank for over SIX years. I told him that but it disappeared from his report. This system has to be stopped.
Help me deal with my health problems that’s what should be looked at not just ignoring people’s health. I can’t speak for everyone but I would love to be able to work.
One last thing I have been kept on DLA low rate care (more than most I guess I should just shut up & accept it). I see the lowest rate PIP is £32 a week more than DLA. I think that is the real reason the changing to PIP is being put back.’

Joseph Smith had a similar experience:

‘I had an Atos examination at my home. My wife witnessed the entire time the doctor was in the house, timed his visit and recorded various questions and my answers. Some weeks later I received a copy of the Atos medical report, a tissue of lies from start to finish to much to list here. When challenged about the lies Atos said there was no independent witness, in effect calling my wife a liar. At a later tribunal I was NOT allowed to discuss the medical, which begs the question just how independent are these tribunals? I’m now considering asking my Solicitor write to this Doctor for his liability insurance details pending a claim. In the hope that it really ruins his week.’

This last is particularly disturbing, as he states that he was not allowed to discuss his medical examination at the tribunal. As he says, it begs the question just how independent they are.

Reading these it is clear just how malign and pernicious ATOS are. They and their wretched assessment form should be thrown off the government contract and actively prosecuted and fined for everyone they have wrongly assessed, and forced to pay compensation. The benefits system should also be amended to prevent similar companies being employed, and the government formulating a similar disability welfare policy that denies help and benefit payments to those who are unable to work.

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22 Responses to “Atos’ Lies about Claimants: Commenters’ Stories”

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    but this happens daily atos making up reports so that their bonuses keep coming in with the dwp backing yet on it goes nothing done just that we all get abused by atos assessments yet they still get more contracts ive asked a questioned tony blair hade set this company in motion and the frog only gets around 2million or so from it well were does the rest go has it makes billions does our atos into whose bank accounts does this money go

  2. Mike Sivier Says:

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  3. Hen Says:

    Anti-ATOS protests happening February 19th February

  4. che Says:

    I had a so called “independent” tribunal where I was basically called a liar. As it was my second tribunal which you cant contest they just said what they wanted. In my experience these so called tribunals are linked to ATOS and the DWP and are far from independent.

  5. Andrew Longworth-Dames Says:

    There does not seem to be any mention of one of the drivers behind the Atos HP’s pernicious assessments. We now know they are working to ‘statistical norms’. If those norms are, as I think, plucked from thin air and not representative of the real life situations then they will continue to try to push genuine disabled people off benefits. Remember there has never been an impact assessment of the coalition government benefit changes. Remember ‘reforms’ are an improvement!

  6. tommaz Jay Says:

    Has anyone considered taking action for willful psychiatric injury agains ATOS. It on the statute books just needs someone in the legal know to take it up.

  7. Ray Taylor Says:

    Its time for the people to stand up against ATOS a demonstration in every city in England on the same day… The unions could organise it a Sunday would be perfect ….lets show this government enoughs enough the tories remind me of the NAZI party even worse …

  8. cristina light Says:

    The ATOS GP gave me positive scores for all my joints movements without carrying on any examinations, and though he saw me ‘furniture walk’ with great difficulty, and 20/20 for my eyesight, though I can’t read a word without glasses – an ‘exam’ carried out on a Sunday lunchtime that lasted exactly 22 minutes (from 1pm when he knocked on the door to 1:22pm when the door banged behind him), and during which he never wrote but a few notes on a shorthand notebook. I was never given a copy of the report until a week before the appeal deadline. In it I noticed that he mentioned I could not be depressed because I had good eye contact and was articulate, properly dressed (in jimjams!!!) and had nail polish. The tribunal were appalled, and they made a point to note his name and ATOS number. I hope they gave him hell.

  9. jaypot2012 Says:

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Please reblog or facebook/twitter this as the more we do, the more people can see what it going on. And if they reblog/facebook/twitter it on then more and more people can see it.

  10. Sam Says:

    I have just waited 15 months for a hearing of my appeal against a O point WCA finding by Atos HCP. At last, this week, it happened.

    I was challenging on nine descriptors: the Tribunal only looked at two.

    On the basis of their assessment of my case on those two descriptors, the Tribunal decided not even to look at the other seven.

    There was no reason to do so… they’d already awarded me 21 points. It took less than 10 minutes.

    During the year I lost my flat because, due to the cut in benefit while I awaited my hearing, I could no longer pay the rent. My inability to meet my obligations at my bank cost me penalties of hundreds of pounds and punitive interest. My health crashed. I seriously and continually contemplated suicide.

    I am too exhausted and ill to do awt now. However, if I can recover and find the resources, I can assure Tommaz Jay and others that I have every intention of suing DWP, probably Atos and possibly IDS and and Atos HCP for exemplary damages.

    I imagine that a few weeks I shall start visiting every site I can think of to seek help and to publicise (to the max).

    I hope to show those conscienceless and incompetent social darwinists, and the world, with solid gold knobs on, that in the case of Sam, they made a terrible mistake.

    Success will be doing so with such effect that WCA will be so discredited as to be a dead duck.

    Pleasure will be doing so during the election period

  11. Sam Says:

    PS: Or perhaps… Class action, anyone?

  12. Sylvia Hodson Says:

    when will this stop you are let ill people down god will never for give the gov and the atos

  13. Sylvia Hodson Says:

    you need to help people people are ill and you are making them more ill how could you i hope it happens to you

  14. Joseph Smith Says:

    You can bet your last penny, if my new application ends up at a tribunal the Atos medical will be both recorded and videoed, covertly of course, I’ll do these bent b……ds if it’s the last thing I do. I expected to be asked about the medical, but the Legal idiot on the tribunal vetoed any attempt by me to even mention the process. The fact that the (so called) doctor lied must have adversly affected my appeal, for sure I did feel the tribunal had pre-judged my appeal. To quote Arnie, I’ll be back better prepared and fully armed.

  15. Elizabeth Rogerson Says:

    I have an autistic friend whose mother attended every meeting with him during his application process for benefits because he can’t look after himself. When his ATOS assessment came up, his mother had a hospital appointment of her own to attend that had been a very long time coming and which she couldn’t miss, so I volunteered to be his responsible adult for the assessment. It seemed fairly innocuous when we were actually there, but he was of course rejected, and one of the points upon which they rejected him was “able to attend meetings alone and unsupervised”, which was an outright lie. He has never, never been to any official meeting without a representative attending with him. He would mentally incapable of doing so, just as he would be mentally incapable of answering any of the questions as they claimed he did. The entire transcript of his interview was a fabrication from start to finish.

  16. Angie Bennetton Says:

    My complaint about ATOS is currently with the independent case examiner, but I’m not optimistic that anything good will ever come of it. My migration from IB to ESA started almost exactly 2 years ago and I’ve yet to have an assessment – we’re up to 13 appointments and counting. Almost invariably they’re cancelled at the last minute or later by ATOS or the doctor simply doesn’t turn up. ATOS have said so far that the doctor did turn up but I wasn’t in, but can’t explain how the letter telling me this arrived in the post half an hour before the appointment time. They said I refused to be assessed and that I’ve refused to attend the assessment centre. This is despite abundant letters and emails begging them to get this over with and repeated confirmation that they won’t let me in to the assessment centre anyway as ‘I’m too disabled’. They have also made up appointments which I failed to attend but for which they are unable to supply any evidence of informing me about them, then retracted the allegation when challenged. Finally, they have admitted that they knew from the outset that I should be in the Support Group but felt a face to face assessment would be in my best interests. Why? Their best interests more likely – so that they can trip me up with trick questions and find me fit for work and get paid for doing an unnecessary assessment.

  17. seachranaidhe1 Says:

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  18. May Jones Says:

    I was asked to have a medical by a DWP tribunal because they couldn’t decide (?) (I couldn’t attend).
    The Atos GP ignored all but the minor disability and wrote a report about that.
    The Tribunal disallowed me benefits based on this report.
    I complained to Atos who upheld my complaint and said they notified DWP straight away.
    DWP did nothing, didn’t contact me, the Tribunal service also ignored my letters.
    Was ill for a while then, but eventually made a complaint to GMC about this GP. They also upheld my complaint. The only action they took was to stop him doing DWP/ATOS medicals.
    If I had lied on a benefit form I’m likely end up in court.
    These ‘GP’s’ are a disgrace to the profession and should also be in court or jailed.
    DWP refuse to tell me how many others were refused benefits because of this discredited GP.
    Think I’ll try a no win no fee solicitor.
    Something MUST be done -they make health so much worse, I was thinking about topping myself for a while – I decided to fight back instead; some people can’t.

  19. May Jones Says:

    complaints to GMC about Atos/DWP ‘doctors’ -Freedom of Info request.
    From 2009 – 2013 GMC investigated 149 complaints (cases).
    These cases relate to 126 doctors (as a doctor can have more than one case against him)
    15 cases still under investigation.
    The outcome of the remaining 134 cases:
    Closed 120 (no action)
    Closed with advice 10 (tut tut)
    Warnings: 3 (slap on wrist??)
    Undertakings:1 (?slap and tut tut??)

    Please remember, a complaint must be os a pretty serious nature before GMC even investigate or create a case.
    So out of all these ‘doctors’ most are still collecting their fat fee’s while lying through their teeth.

    I suppose I was fortunate, the discredited doctor I complained about can’t do any more harm.

  20. jeffrey davies Says:

    please remember if being assessed by atos crapita then have it recorded or quietly record it oneself otherwise you find they had jesus there helping them fix you so remember I want it recorded

  21. Angie Bennetton Says:

    Ask for a recorded assessment and keep asking until they do it, and insist that they check the machine is working before you begin.
    It is of course down to the individual, but before recording covertly you should be aware that if you are discovered Atos will terminate the assessment and treat it as ‘failure to comply’.

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