RIP Tim Salter and Denis Jones. Is This What You Wanted Iain Duncan Smith?

Johnny Void here reports the tragic deaths of two more people, who died in despair and privation after their benefits were stopped by Atos. It’s another couple of names to add to the long list of victims compiled by Stilloaks and some of the other disability bloggers. And the situation, as this post shows, is about to get worse.

Unfortunately, Johnny Void is right in that Labour, as well as the Tories, seemed to have swallowed the Right-wing nonsense about benefit sanctions being necessary to motivate the feckless benefit scroungers into helping themselves. One member of Blair’s cabinet has already written that Rupert Murdoch was a constant, invisible presence at cabinet meetings, as Blair worried how his policies would go down with the media moghul. I also seem to recall that Blair was disappointed when he couldn’t win over the Mail’s Paul Dacre. Nevertheless, I think the country would be much better off with Labour in government. However, I do agree with The Void that there needs to be constant pressure on the government and campaigning against their policies and the organisations that seek to implement and exploit them.

the void

Iain-Duncan-Smith415Ever since this Government weren’t elected the question has been raised whether Iain Duncan Smith really is a murderous tyrant, or whether he’s just a fucking idiot.

The truth is that it doesn’t really matter anymore.  The end result of his policies will be the same whichever is the case.  A result as tragic as it was predictable, as poverty not seen in generations returns to the UK.

The recent case of Tim Salter, who committed suicide after benefits were stopped due to the brutal Atos assessment regime, is far from the first death directly linked to welfare  reforms.  At the end of last month two suicides linked to Atos assessments were reported in just one week. Also reported just before Christmas was the death of Denis Jones, a disabled former soldier who died alone five weeks after his benefits were stopped.  Whilst his death was recorded as natural causes…

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