UK Ministers scrap £20m scheme to keep elderly warm

Another attack by the government on the poor and vulnerable. This is particularly disgusting, as the Telegraph article from which this is reblogged notes that in the past two winters, 31,000 elderly citizens died of the cold. This will undoubtedly result in more deaths, all so Osborne can boast about saving yet more money. One of the headlines of the MSN news is that Britain is set to become the biggest economy in Europe. I have very strong doubts about that. Mike, over at Vox Political, has pretty much demolished the Tory claims of an economic recovery. It’s very largely illusory. Horrifically, this shows the immense human cost of Osborne’s cuts. Osborne’s economic recovery – for some – has been bought at the cost of the deaths of the tens of thousands, and misery, starvation and privation to many more. It’s far too high a price to pay for policies that don’t work, and only seem to benefit the incredibly rich.

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