Former Archbishop of Canterbury calls Iain Duncan Smith’s remarks “disturbing”

This will undoubtedly cause further outrage amongst the Tories. For nearly thirty years now the Archbishops of Canterbury and other leading Christian clerics have been criticising Conservative administrations for their attacks on the poor and vulnerable and apparent lack of Christian values. One of the ladies I knew at College back in the 1980s was moved to write a supportive letter to then Archbishop, Dr Robert Runcie, thanking him for standing up to the poor against Margaret Thatcher. Archbishop Runcie’s comments particularly infuriated Norman Tebbit, as no doubt Dr Williams’ will now. The very Tory blog, ‘Cranmer’, was set up as a religious blog to defend and promote Conservativism amongst Christians, particularly Anglicans, so these comments by church leaders clearly do touch nerves. Expect more comments from Tories along the lines of ‘the church should keep out of politics’, and ‘they should keep to church matters – that way they’d get more in church’. In the meantime, well done to Dr Williams.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Iain Duncan Smith)

In an escalation of the war of words between church leaders and the coalition government, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has called Iain Duncan Smith’s remarks on foodbanks “disturbing”.

Dr Williams makes the extraordinary attack on the Work and Pensions Secretary in an interview with local newspaper the Cambridge News:

Rowan Williams criticises Iain Duncan Smith’s “disturbing” remarks about foodbanks

Disturbing? I think the word Dr Williams is actually looking for is ‘evil’.

Or at the very least the work of the Devil.


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