The remarkable similarities between Fritz Sauckel and Iain Duncan Smith

I’ve already written a piece pointing out that workfare – compulsory voluntary work – was initiated by the Third Reich as the Reichsarbeitsdienst, a policy designed to show that the Reich had solved the problem of unemployment. Here Tom Pride shows the striking similarity between Ian Duncan Smith and Fritz Sauckel, the Nazi director of forced labour in the occupied countries. And just like Ian Duncan Smith, and now the Salvation Army, Sauckel denied that the Arbeiteinsatz, the Nazi term for forced labour, was a slavery. As this piece shows, it didn’t stop him from being hanged though.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Iain Duncan Smith!)

Neither of these photographs has been photoshopped:

duncan smith2Fritz Sauckel – Nazi Work Ministerduncan smith1Iain Duncan Smith – UK Work Minister

Sauckel, Fritz
Hitler’s Chief of Slave Labour Recruitment, March 1942 – May 1945

Soon after taking office, Sauckel established compulsory labour service in Germany. His program resulted in the forced slave labour of 5 million people, many of whom had to endure cruel working conditions.

At the Nuremberg war crime trials, historian Joseph Persico described Sauckel as “….a little man with a shining dome, sad brown eyes, and a silly moustache patterned after the Fuhrer’s.”

Sauckel was hanged in the early morning hours of October 16, 1946 for crimes against humanity.


As far as I know – to date – there are no plans yet in place to hang Mr Iain Duncan Smith.



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