Singaporean hacker creates free program to bypass Cameron’s internet censorship

Tom Pride has himself had some trouble with his site being censored by the authorities, and I’ve got a feeling some of the other Left-wing bloggers have had similar problems. Cameron’s attempts to censor the web is disguised as an attempt to protect children from pornography. The range of subjects considered suitable for censorship is so broad and poorly worded that it would allow the government to censor political sites on the pretext of safeguarding the nation’s morals. It has also alarmed the Neo-Pagan, Wiccan and practitioners of ritual magic, as one of the subjects it proposes to censor is the ‘esoteric’, a term used to describe alternative religions and the occult. My guess is that those, who framed the bill, simply included it as a catch-all term to mean stuff that was weird and possibly kinky that they hadn’t thought of. Never mind, it’s an example of how the very broad phraseology used in the bill could be used to suppress the discussion and practice of entirely lawful, but unorthodox forms of religious/ spiritual belief.

The Comparison between Britain and Singapore should also set alarm bells ringing in people’s heads. Singapore is one of the most repressive countries in the world, with a very strict censorship code that has virtually ruled out any kind of opposition to the ruling party. The longest serving prisoner of conscience isn’t languishing in a Russian, Arab or Chinese prison. He’s in Singapore, and has spent something like 28 years in jail for daring to contest an election. And Singaporean society is very, very conservative in its sexual morality and acceptable standards of dress and hairstyles for the sexes. Homosexuality is illegal, as is the possession of long hair by men. If the hacker, who invented this way of bypassing censorship reckons we’re comparable to the level of censorship, and implied coercion in his country, then we are very much in the ‘clustershit’.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A hacker from Singapore has created a free program for UK internet users to bypass Cameron’s attempts to ‘filter’ block internet sites.

It’s a Chrome extension called Go Away Cameron – and it can be downloaded for free here:

If you don’t use Chrome as your browser you can download it for free here.

I’ve already written about how Cameron is aiming to censor not just porn but political websites like this one:

How Cameron’s plans to block on-line porn could also block political sites

The speed at which a program like this has already appeared shows just how pointless the government’s attempts to censor the internet are.

For the more technical minded, here’s an explanation of how the program works from the creator himself:

I’m the creator and I’m a Singaporean. I built a variant for Singapore’s censorship (

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