Tales from the Mausoleum Club on Radio 4 Extra

The BBC are repeating the 1987 radio comedy series, Tales from the Mausoleum Club. This was a series of comic pastiches of great works of Victorian literature, recast as a series of macabre tales recounted by the members of London’s most exclusive club. There are only two requirements for membership: You have to have an excellent story. As for the other qualification …

The first episode, ‘The Inaudible Man’, follows Dr Bates, an ear, nose and throat specialist as he tries to stop a mysterious supervillain. This archcriminal has invented a machine to throw his voice, based on a quantum theory of sound, and now plans to use it to throw the country into a national crisis.

The programme was broadcast on Wednesday, and can be heard of BBC iplayer here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007k1w6.

Further episodes are

2) Heart of Skegness, Wednesday, 18th December, 5.30 pm.

4) The Turn of the Knob, New Year’s Day, 5.30 pm.

According to the schedule on BBC I-player, episode 3, A Study in Starlets, is on Christmas Day at 7.00 O’clock and repeated on Boxing Day at 5.30. However, I can’t find it on those days in the Radio Times, but you may try listening at those times anyway, just in case.

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